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The Obama administration announces a new immigration policy that could end deportation threats hanging over the heads of foreign national gays and lesbians in the U.S. illegally who are in same-gender unions with American citizens; Robert Segwanyi, a Ugandan gay man seeking asylum in the U.K., gets a last-minute reprieve from being sent back to his notoriously homophobic homeland; hundreds of LGBT people make history in Narayanghat, a primarily rural area of Nepal, with a first-ever rights demonstration outside the cosmopolitan capital of Katmandu; a transgender woman who underwent Cuba's first state-sanctioned gender-reassignment surgery legally marries a gay man in what is a political as well as a celebratory ceremony in Havana; Mexico City marks the 1,000th same-gender civil marriage since they became legal in the capital, but only nine gay and lesbian couples registered their civil partnerships in July, the first month they were offered in the U.S. state of Rhode Island; LGBT activists in Maine launch a petition drive to qualify a marriage equality initiative for the state's November 2012 ballot, while Oregon advocates ponder a similar effort; and Vermont's Peter Shumlin becomes the first sitting U.S. governor to officiate at a same-gender wedding as he fulfills a campaign promise he made to a lesbian couple last year.

Billboard for Zach Wahls interview + Celebrated American writer WALT WHITMAN's gay references are decoded in a RAINBOW MINUTE

He became an internet sensation by being a sensational son. According to some, however, University of Iowa student ZACH WAHLS should display all the horrifying effects of being... raised by lesbians!

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August 28, 2011

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