8/26/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
S.S.R.I. - Sexual Boquet
Album: concrete violence; Label: S.A.C.
Sleeping in the Aviary - Someone Loves You
Album: You and Me, Ghost; Label: Science of Sound
Brian - wallower's lane
Album: Me and My Guitar; Label: S.A.C.
Heatherlyn - Jack Riddle
Album: Storydwelling; Label: Heatherlyn Music
Kasey McKee - Another Company Man
Album: Surveil; Label: Passing Strange Records
Morris Day and the Time - OneDayI'mGoinaBeSomebody
Album: What Time Is It?; Label: Another Starr Production
Slapping Purses - Alexandria Mn Murdr BAss Party
Album: Diamonds are Forever; Label: S.A.C.
Seated Heat - If I Ever Miss You, Let Me Down
Album: If I Ever Miss You, Let Me Down; Label: SR
Little Man - The Tower
Album: Orbital Amusement; Label: BMI
Gospel Gossip - Dream Awake
Album: Unreleased; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
BNLX - Soul Desert
Album: EP #4; Label: Susstones Records
Paul Metzger - Live From Madusa
Album: Unreleased; Label: Unreleased
The Cloak Ox - Artist At The Door
Album: Stuck On AM 7; Label: Radio K
Nee Tumi - The Trellis
Album: More Than Life Itself; Label: Salmagundi Studios
The Widgets - Guess I'll Never Know
Album: Empty Hearts; Label: Gark
Hanover Fist - The Tyger
Album: The Tyger Single; Label: Twin Tone
NNB - Slack
Album: Slack Single; Label: SR
Humanda - Farrago
Album: Chateau Mammal; Label: SR
False - Sleep Maker
Album: Untitled; Label: Gilead Media and Howling Mine
Leo Kottke - Easter
Album: My Feet Are Smiling; Label: Capitol
Air Date: 
August 26, 2011

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