8/20/2011 The Session Misshow

Playlist Tracks: 
Johnnie Taylor - Groove me
Album: Taylored in Silk; Label: Malaco
Carl Sims - Two lumps of sugar
Album: Let Me Be The One; Label: Ecko
Shirley Brown - Who is betty
Album: Soul Of A Woman; Label: Malaco
Mel Waiters - Got my whiskey
Album: woman in need; Label: Waldoxy Records
Little Milton - He saw an opening
Album: For Real; Label: Malaco
Johnnie Taylor - You can't strike gold in a silver mine
Album: Taylored in Silk; Label: Malaco
Stan Mosley - This time its gonna be sweeter
Album: The Soul Singer; Label: Malaco
Kristine - Too weak to walk away
Album: Tenderness; Label: Malaco Record
Poonanny - Brand new cadillac
Album: Brand new cadillac; Label: Waldoxy Records
Ernie Johnson - You can't keep a good woman down
Album: You can't keep a good woman down; Label: Delta Boy
Carl Sims - let me be the one
Album: let me be the one; Label: Ecko
Shirley Brown - the search is over
Album: soul of a woman; Label: Malaco Record
Kristine - I need a little tenderness
Album: tenderness; Label: Malaco Record
Ernie Johnson - Kiss it
Album: You can't keep a good woman down; Label: Delta Boy
Stan Mosley - Rock me
Album: the soul singer; Label: Malaco Record
Mel Waiters - Sex or make love
Album: A woman in need; Label: Waldoxy Records
Little Milton - Tear this house down tonight
Album: For real; Label: Malaco Record
Rufus Thomas - Night time is the right time
Album: Rufus Thomas Live; Label: Stax
James Brown - I don't want nobody to give me nothing, open up the door and I'll get it myself
Album: CD of JB II; Label: Polydor
Denise LaSalle - Why am I missing you
Album: Smoking in Bed; Label: Malaco Record
Aretha Franklin - Freeway of love
Album: Who's zooming who; Label: Arista
Ollie Nightingale - If you're lucky enough to have a good woman be kind enought o treat her right
Album: Best Of; Label: Ecko
Teddy Pendergrass - You're my choice tonight
Album: love language; Label: AM
Shirley Brown - I got to sleep with one eye open
Album: Woman Enough; Label: Malaco
Barry White - Practice what you preach
Album: The Icon of love; Label: AM
Luther Lackey - Your dog ate my cat
Album: I Should Have Stayed Scared; Label: Ecko
Dicky Williams - did the dog get it all
Album: Did the dog get it all; Label: Blues recount
Barbara Carr - You bit off more than you could chew
Album: Bone me like you own me; Label: Ecko
Theodis Ealey - Stand up in it
Album: stand up in it; Label: Ifgam
Ray Parker - A woman need love just like you do
Album: Greatest hits; Label: Arista
Richard Dimples Fields - She's got papers on me
Album: Dimples; Label: Boardwalk
Ms Jody - You got to play with it before you lay with it
Album: It's a MS Jody Thang; Label: Ecko
Clayton Knight - Hooked on crack
Album: Call me what you want; Label: Gonzales
Denise LaSalle - right side of the wrong bed
Album: Still Bad; Label: Malaco
Ollie Nightingale - please don't go
Album: Olliestyle; Label: Ecko
Lynn White - back in the streets again
Album: Cheatin'; Label: C.A.R.
Big Al Downing - Mr Jones
Album: Classic collection; Label: Crazy music
Whitney Houston - The greatest love of all
Album: Whitney; Label: Arista
Air Date: 
August 20, 2011

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