7/20/2007 Across The Board


Across the Board Playlist
July 20, 2007, 2–5 a.m.
Sub DJ: David Wiley

David Bowie: Space Oddity
Space Oddity
Unwashed Somewhat Slightly Dazed
Don’t Sit Down
Letter to Hermione
Cygnet Committee
An Occasional Dream
Wild-Eyed Boy from Freecloud
God Knows I’m Good
Memory of a Free Festival

David Bowie: The Man Who Sold the World
Width of a Circle
All the Madmen
Black Country Rock
After All
Running Gun Blues
Saviour Machine
She Shook Me Cold
The Man Who Sold the World
The Supermen

David Bowie: Hunky Dory
Oh! You Pretty Things
Eight Line Poem
Life on Mars?
Fill Your Heart
Andy Warhol
Song for Bob Dylan
Queen Bitch
The Bewlay Brothers

David Bowie: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars

Five Years
Soul Love

Playlist Tracks: