8/14/2011 Wave Project


Youth Activism In The Face of Climate Change

Join three youth environmentalists, Kelsey Larson, Kerry Honan and Filip Kostanecki as they discuss their upcoming journey to Bangladesh though the World Savvy organization. They share what brought them to this point in their lives, the plans that they have while traveling in Bangladesh to study climate change, and what they expect to bring home afterwards.


World Savvy - Bangladesh Exchange Program

Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs, US Department of State

Thanks to:

Our parents

World Savvy staff -
Charmagne Campbell-Patton, Program Manager
Dana Mortenson, Co-founder and Executive Director
Laura Klivans, International Program Manager

KFAI Crew: Andy Arsham, Rajib Bahar, Pat Nelson

Playlist Tracks: 
Jason Hodge, et al - The Constant Change
Album: Sustainable Beats: Voices of World Savvy Youth, Volume 2; Label: World Savvy Records
Joni Mitchell - Big Yellow Taxi
Album: Dreamland; Label: Elektra Entertainment
Black - Utshober Por/After Party
Album: Utshober Por; Label: Sound Garden
Johnny Cash - Don't Go Near The Water
Album: Johnny Cash is Coming to Town/Boom Chicka Boom; Label: Mercury
USA for Africa - We Are The World
Album: USA for Africa; Label: 1985 USA for Africa