8/12/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Suicide Commandos - Complicated Fun
Album: Suicide Commandos Commit Dance Suicide; Label: Twin Tone
The Monks - Boys are Boys and Grils are Choice
Album: Black Monk Time; Label: Repertoire
Billy Childish and Holly Golightly - Demolition Girl
Album: In Blood; Label: Wabana
The Sex Rays - Aint That Lovin You Baby
Album: The Sex Rays; Label: Bareass Records
The 99ers - Minnesota Day
Album: Everybody's Rockin; Label: Spinout Records
BNLX - Soul Desert
Album: EP4; Label: Susstones
Bombay Sweets - Astral Projection Rejection
Album: Split w/ Teenage Strangler; Label: s/r
Daughters of the Sun - Mystical Babe
Album: Regolith Vol. 1; Label: Moonglyph
Magic Casltes - Letterbox
Album: Dreams of Dreams of Dreams; Label: s/r
Pink Mink - Back Door
Album: Pink Mink; Label: Little Veronica
Fort Wilson Riot - Gold Flecked Morning
Album: Predator Prey; Label: s/r
Phantom Tails - All Good Things
Album: Sounds of the Hunchback Whale; Label: s/r
Humanda - Poetaster
Album: Chateau Mammal; Label: s/r
Idle Hands - Dead Letter
Album: Life Is Beautiful; Label: s/r
The Blind Shake - Out Of Work
Album: Seriousness; Label: Learning Curve
Brute Heart - Eclipse
Album: Lonley Hunter; Label: Soft Abuse
Hastings 3000 - Modern Man
Album: A New Monster; Label: Bareass Records
The Goondas - Stomper
Album: The Goondas; Label: s/r
Poverty Hash - Crashing the Sun
Album: Ma Hall's Toot N' Come In; Label: Half Door Records
Four on the Floor - First on a list of things i don't need
Album: 4x4; Label: s/r
Air Date: 
August 12, 2011

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