8/7/2011 Voices Of Ethiopia

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Shambel belayneh - Ethiopia
Album: Ethiopia; Label: unknown
Mr Mesfin Feysa - Director of Down Of Hope. Hive Aids Rehablitation center in Nazret Ethiopia.
Topics: discusion on his statues as hiv/Aidsstatues and his work in the last 17 years to help Hiv/Aids patients in Ethiopia.
Mr.Peter Car - hEAD OF Hiv/Aids prevention program at the minnesota Health Department.
Topics: talke about his involvement inviting Ethipian delegates to come to minnesota to get some education on how to prevent Hiv/Aids. also talked about the health statues about ethiopian immigrants with Hiv cases.
Mr. ephrem Olani - Head of SubSahara African youth Services.
Topics: talked about his organization sevice in the Ethiopian Community.
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August 7, 2011

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