8/5/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Poverty Hash - Winter Flies
Album: Ma Halls Toot 'n Come Inn; Label: Half Poor
Shake Down City - Caravan
Album: On The Move; Label: s/r
Jeff Elstad - Pleasant St.
Album: Eventide; Label: s/r
Teenage Moods - Hardship Eyes
Album: Teenage Moods; Label: s/r
Albert Elmore - Justin Timberlake Remix
Album: unreleased; Label: unreleased
Seawhores - May Your Hands Wither
Album: Forest; Label: Essay
Bouncerfighter - Saturday Night
Album: Glebfest Comp; Label: SAC
Chambermaids - China Blue
Album: China Blue Single; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Dreamland Faces - Whip Dance
Album: Dreamland Faces; Label: s/r
The Pines - Spike Driver Blues
Album: Tremelo; Label: Red House Records
Seated Heat - If I Ever Miss You, Let Me Down
Album: If I Ever Miss You, Let Me Down; Label: s/r
Leo Kottke - Louise
Album: My Feet Are Smiling; Label: Capitol
Peter Lang - That's Alright
Album: Prime Cuts; Label: Waterhouse
Big and Scary - The Corn Song
Album: Full Swing Comp; Label: Pendulum Records
Rendered Useless - My Tomato
Album: Human; Label: useless
Dante and the Lobster - Treading
Album: Wonders; Label: SAC
Tips - Cuba
Album: Positive Taint; Label: SAC
Air Date: 
August 5, 2011

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