7/15/2011 CHAT Radio: Hmong Arts Culture

Playlist Tracks: 
Ciaj Sia - Kwv Txhiaj Jazz
Album: Untitled; Label: Self
Oskar Ly and Linda Her - Step Into the Light
Album: Untitled; Label: Self
Dysfunktional Family - What If?
Album: Vagabond Sounds; Label: CHAT
Aechos - Nothing Left To Say
Album: Untitled; Label: Self
Yangmee Lor - I Wish I Was an Angel
Album: The H Project; Label: CHAT
Sai the Funny Guy - Comedian
Topics: Co-host
Sandy Ci' Moua - Community Action Against Racism (CAAR)Representative
Topics: update on CAAR's activities addressing KDWB Hmong Parody in March 2011.
Air Date: 
July 15, 2011