7/10/2011 Voices Of Ethiopia

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anteneh worku - felege asfelege atahuat
Album: unknown; Label: unknown
Judge Birtukan Mideksa. - Prisident of Ethiopian oppsition party .
Topics: speech for the ethiopian community on her arrest by ethiopian goverment. and about her vision for the futur of ethiopia.
mr. Zewdue - coach of Ethioian soccer team Nyala in Minneasota.
Topics: about the ethiopan Sport Federation in Atlanta from July 3-10. and how the local team from minneasota did.
Teshome Asged - Ethiopian musican.
Topics: diicus how long he has been in the music buisnes also he gave a detai account of the prsent day ethiopian musician experienc in north America.
Air Date: 
July 10, 2011

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