7/8/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
The Miami Dolphins - Lawn
Album: The Miami Dolphins; Label: s/r
The Southside Aces - Perdido Street Blues
Album: A BIg Fun Thing; Label: KGC
Viral Mutation - Untitled
Album: T.C. Death Thrash Attack; Label: Triple 4 Studios
Dragons Power Up! - Sea Legs
Album: Dragons Power Up!/Puppies Trains split 7; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Puppies and Trains - Behold A Pale Puppy
Album: Dragons Power Up!/Puppies Trains split 7; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Scaphe - Ancient Ice
Album: Cold as F*ck; Label: Insides Music
Lusurfer - Surf Bloody Surf
Album: Vulgur Display of Reverb; Label: Chump City
Pink Mink - Werewolf Island
Album: Pink Mink; Label: Little Veronica
Blind Shake - Peach Lines
Album: Carmel; Label: Learning Curve
Claps - Lost
Album: Lost Single; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Two Harbors - This Charming Man
Album: Make It Alright; Label: Susstones
Kitten Forever - Fake Flesh
Album: Kitten Forever; Label: UF Records
Home Taping Is Killing Music - COpy Boy Is On The Record
Album: Home Taping Is Killing Music; Label: s/r
Cage 3 - untitled
Album: Cage 3; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Tender Meat - I'm Only Gay When I'm High (Banging Buds)
Album: Cold as F*ck; Label: Insides Music
Fortified Five - Iddy Biddy Diddy
Album: Fortified Five; Label: s/r
Rendered Useless - Lysol
Album: Last Year; Label: s/r
Blue Hippos - Father Prayed Too Hard
Album: Blue Hippos; Label: Twin Tone
Chambermaids - China Blue
Album: China Blue; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Clipd Beaks - Murder Boat, Early Home
Album: A World Without End; Label: Slanty Shanty
Sooth Sayer - Off World Pt. 2
Album: Camden/Soothsayer split Cassette; Label: Neverender
Radical Cemetary - From Musk to Dre Fog
Album: Festival of Ideas; Label: Moon Glyph
Daughters of the Sun - Lower At The Top
Album: Werewolves on Wheels; Label: unreleased
Truth Serum - Friends in the World
Album: Truth Serum; Label: Goaty Tapes
Air Date: 
July 8, 2011

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