6/22/2011 Dart Gun Radio


this week is all about trying to find the rock in new music... and i wander: Stooges, Belles, Coathangers, Bush Tetras, Bass Drums of Death, Grieves, Atmosphere, blueprint, face candy, book of knots,My friend Robot, the Birthday Party, Rondelles, and more stuff

Playlist Tracks: 
halo of Flies - How does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Iggy and the Stooges - Shake Appeal
Album: Raw Power; Label: Columbia
the Belles - M-E-L-V-I-N
Album: V/A the Shangri-las amp; the 60's girl groups; Label: OISA
the Bellrays - Psychotic hate man
Album: Hard Sweet and Sticky; Label: ANODYNE RECORDS LLC / Koch Dist.
Agent Orange - Pipeline
Album: Living in Darkness; Label: get back
Jesus and Mary Chain - Happy when it rains
Album: demo; Label: Touch and go
Patti Smith - Summer canibles
Album: Gone Again; Label: artistra
the coathangers - call to nothing
Album: Larceny and old lace; Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
mermaids - make believe
Album: Tropsicle; Label: Pretty
the slits - reject
Album: Trapped Animal; Label: narnak
Bush Tetras - Can't be Funky
Album: New York Noise; Label: Rior
Bass Drums of Death - Nerve Jamming
Album: GB City; Label: Fat Possum
Bass Drums of Death - get found
Album: GB City; Label: Fat Possum
Grieves - Bloody Poetry
Album: Together/Apart; Label: Rhymesayer
Atmosphere - Who I'll never be
Album: Family signs; Label: Rhymesayer
Face Candy - One
Album: Waste Age Teen Land; Label: Rhymesayer
Face Candy - Five
Album: Waste Age Teen Land; Label: Rhymesayer
the Book of Knots - Drosophila Melanogaster
Album: Gardent of Fainting Stars; Label: Ipecac
Blue Sky Black Death - Swords from Driftwood
Album: Noir; Label: Fake Four /red eye
Blueprint - Keep Bouncing (bed music)
Album: adventures in Counter-culture; Label: Rhymesayer
Blueprint - my Culture
Album: adventures in Counter-culture; Label: Rhymesayer
Hazmat Modine - Cicada
Album: Cicada; Label: barbes
big Business - technically Electrified
Album: Head for the Shallow; Label: hydra Head
Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl
Album: New Radio +2; Label: Kill Rock stars
the Birthday party - dead Joe
Album: hits; Label: Missing link
My Robot friend - Why Won't you call me back
Album: Hot Action!; Label: Proptronix
My Robot friend - boing
Album: Hot Action!; Label: Proptronix
Boss hog - Ski Bunny (Abbi edited)
Album: Boss Hog; Label: Geffin
the breakaway - Radio Station
Album: walking out on love; Label: Redeye
the Caesars - may the rain
Album: paper tigers; Label: astralwerks
deaf in the family - Guns of Brixton
Album: For those about to rock; Label: self released
the Dirtbombs - phantoms in a lesser crystaline Sphere
Album: Billiards at Nine Thirty; Label: in the red
Until June - sleepless
Album: self titled; Label: self released
Rondelles - Tuesday Night Rock city
Album: the fox; Label: Kill Rock stars
the black keys - grown so ugly
Album: Rubber Factory; Label: Fat Possum
Babes in Toyland - Mother
Album: Fontanelle; Label: Reprise
Just for men - Don't come any closer
Album: V/A Underground '60s British Invasion; Label: Rhino
the Scientists - when fate deals it's mortal blow
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
June 22, 2011