6/17/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Scott G. Hanson - Cold Tomato
Album: Cold Tomato; Label: s/r
Heatbox - Suburban Desert
Album: System; Label: s/r
John Zuma Saint-Pelvyn - Vomit on the Surface of Venus
Album: Last of the Good Milk; Label: s/r
Chelsea Boys - Pomegranete
Album: Chelsea Boys; Label: s/r
Chastity Brown - Woman's Gotta Move
Album: Sankofa; Label: s/r
Cage 3 - Board
Album: untitled; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Ghostmouth - Alive in the City of Gold
Album: Ghostmouth; Label: s/r
Walker Fields - Open Road
Album: Sky Falls In; Label: s/r
Sunny Era - Gone Missing
Album: Gone Missing; Label: s/r
Morticia - Zombie Love
Album: Zombie Love; Label: Bat
The Romulans - Psychedelic King Bees
Album: She's Tara; Label: Susstones
The Funseekers - If YOu Don't Love Me
Album: We Is The Funseekers; Label: Susstones
The Blue Up - We Are The Garden
Album: We Are The Garden; Label: Susstones
Oragami Genetalia - Mudd Dunk
Album: Mudd Dunk; Label: Sun Ship
Wrong - Achey Breakey Beefheart
Album: Tranquil/Wrong Split; Label: Sun One
Density Bomb - Puddle
Album: Puddle/Tronced; Label: Big Pierced Hairy Nipple
Theater of Macabre - Enraptured By Temptation
Album: Sonnus Split; Label: Root Of All Evil
Shapeshifter - Plectrum
Album: Shapeshifter; Label: Prospective
Left As Is - Sometime Seers of the Pennyless Eyelid Movie
Album: Burden of the Beat; Label: Arlo Hennings LTD
Circle of Eyes - Martyr
Album: Priests Pets; Label: SHC
Air Date: 
June 17, 2011

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