6/12/2011 Root Of All Evil


Playlist Tracks: 
Kiss - Shock Me
Album: Love Gun; Label: Casablanca
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Album: Seventh Son of a Seventh Son; Label: Sanctuary
Blood Ceremony - The Great God Pan
Album: Living With the Ancients; Label: Metal Blade
Alestorm - The Sunk'n Norwegian
Album: Back Through Time; Label: Napalm
Mr. Bungle - My Ass Is On Fire
Album: Mr. Bungle; Label: Warner Bros.
The Gates of Slumber - The Scovge Ov Drvnkenness
Album: The Wretch; Label: Rise Above Records
Portrait - Beast of Fire
Album: Crimen Laesae Majestatis Divinae; Label: Metal Blade
Hypocrisy - Apocalypse
Album: The Fourth Dimension; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Primordial - Lain With The Wolf
Album: Redemption At The Puritan's Hand; Label: Metalblade Records
Anathema - Mine Is Yours To Drown In (ours Is The Dead Tribe)
Album: Pentecost III; Label: Peaceville Records
Gadget - Failure
Album: Remote; Label: Relapse Records
Birdflesh - Mongolized
Album: Alive Autopsy/Trip To The Grave; Label: Razorback Records
Disgorge - Deranged Epidemic
Album: Cranial Impalement; Label: Extremeties Records
Hemdale - Overflow
Album: Rad Jackson; Label: Relapse Records
Gorgasm - Fist-I-Cunt
Album: Bleeding Profusely; Label: Extremeties Records
Mortal Decay - Insect To Flesh
Album: Forensic; Label: Unique Leader Records
Vile - Deafening Silence
Album: New Age Of Chaos; Label: Unique Leader Records
Pyrexia - The Rise Of The Wicked
Album: Age Of The Wicked; Label: Unique Leader Records
Mortician - Blown To Pieces
Album: Death... Is Just The Beginning III; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Devourment - Autoerotic Asphyxiation
Album: Butcher The Weak; Label: Self-Released
Marduk - Wacht Am Rhein: Drumbeats Of Death
Album: Iron Dawn ep; Label: Regain Records
Disembowelment - The Tree Of Life And Death
Album: Trancendence Into The Peripheral; Label: Relapse Records
Wynjara - Laughing As They Die
Album: Human Plague; Label: Candlelight Records
Tragedy - Vengeance
Album: Vengeance; Label: Skuld Releases
Averse Sefira - Homecoming's March (Pt III)
Album: Homecoming's March; Label: Arrogare Records
Arch Enemy - Cruelty Without Beauty
Album: Khaos Legions; Label: Century Media
Hammerfall - Bang Your Head
Album: Infected; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Izegrim - Deathstrip
Album: Code of Consequences; Label: Listenable Records
Illogicist - Brain Collapse
Album: The Insight Eye; Label: Willowtip
Crucified Mortals - The S
Album: Crucified Mortals; Label: Hells Headbangers
Hell - Macbeth
Album: Human Remains; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Hate Eternal - Thorns of Acacia
Album: Phoenix Amongst the Ashes; Label: Metal Blade
Hooded Menace - Night of the Deathcult
Album: Never Cross the Dead; Label: Profound Lore
Winter - Eternal Frost
Album: Into Darkness; Label: Massacre
Book of Black Earth - Research and Destroy
Album: The Cold Testament; Label: Prosthetic Records
Origin - Conceiving Death
Album: Entity; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Morbid Angel - Blades For BAAL
Album: Illud Divinum Insanus; Label: Season of Mist
Midnattsol - Spellbound
Album: The Metamorphosis Melody; Label: Napalm
Demonaz - A Son of the Sword
Album: March of the Norse; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Tyr - Fields of the Fallen
Album: The Lay of Thrym; Label: Napalm
Cruachan - I am Warrior
Album: Blood On the Black Robe; Label: Candlelight Records
A Forest of Stars - Chapter Two: Raven's Eye View
Album: Opportunistic Thieves of Spring; Label: Lupus Lounge
Acrimony - And The Story Ends
Album: Tales From the Underworld- A Tribute To Blind Guardian; Label: Tpl Records
Amorphis - My Enemy
Album: The Beginning of Times; Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Barn Burner - Keg Stand and Deliver
Album: Bangers II: The Scum of the Earth; Label: Metal Blade
Red Fang - Throw Up
Album: Murder the Mountains; Label: Relapse Records
Bloodiest - Fallen
Album: Descent; Label: Relapse Records
Devin Townsend Project - Planet of the Apes
Album: Deconstruction; Label: Inside Out U.S.
Black Label Society - Juniors Eyes
Album: The Song Remains Not the Same; Label: Entertainment One Music
Zombi - Slow Oscillations
Album: Escape Velocity; Label: Relapse Records
Air Date: 
June 12, 2011

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