6/10/2011 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet
Episode #303
June 10, 2011

N - Artist's Debut on the Program
R - Listener Request

Playlist Tracks: 
{N} Charlie Steinmann - It is Such a Good Night
Album: Stereo Explosion; Label: BASF
JJ Johnson - Sew the Buttons On
Album: Broadway Express; Label: RCA
Don Randi - She Said She Said
Album: Revolver Jazz; Label: Reprise
{N} Frank Pleyer Big Band - Make Up
Album: Europhone 521; Label: Europhone
Keith Mansfield and Alan hawkshaw - Exclusive Blend
Album: KPM Soundclash; Label: KPM
{N} Billy Goldenberg - Christine
Album: The Grasshopper; Label: National General
Herbie Hancock - Revenge
Album: The Spook who sat by the Door; Label: UA
101 Strings with Les Baxter - Boca Chica
Album: Que Mango; Label: Alshire
{R} Gianfranco Plenizio - Voice of Love
Album: La Gatta; Label: CAM
{N} Orchester Hal Branders - The Days with Jane
Album: Jumbo Goes Latin; Label: Colorit
{N} Murphy - Brasilla
Album: Major Production Music; Label: Major
John Barry - This is How you Dance
Album: Follow Me!; Label: Harkit
{N} Mario Castro-Neves - The Whole Mess
Album: Brazilian Mood; Label: Phase 4
{N} The Voo Doo's - Tropical Nights
Album: Studio One 23; Label: Studio One
Les Baxter - The Feathered Serpent of the Aztecs
Album: The Sacred Idol; Label: Capitol
Leo Diamond - With the Wind and the Rain in your Hair
Album: Snuggled on Your Shoulder; Label: RCA
{N} Johnny Gunn and Don Ralke - Gusssmog
Album: Introspection IV:; Label: WB
Riz Ortolani - The Rites of Sex
Album: Ecco; Label: WB
Clebanoff - In the Still of the Night
Album: Twelve Great Songs of all time; Label: Mercury
John Dankworth - Modesty Blaise Mambo
Album: Modesty Blaise; Label: Harkit
Simonetti - Pastorinhas
Album: Brasil a Jato; Label: RGE
Luiz Bonfa - Saturday in Rio
Album: The Gentle Rain; Label: Mercury
Paul Robinson - What the World Needs Now is Love
Album: The Astromusical House of Libra; Label: GWP
{N} The Back-Wash Rhythm Band - Waimea Bay
Album: The Golden Breed; Label: Capitol
{N} The Spinners - (Do it Do it) No One Does it Better
Album: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh; Label: Lorimar
Dennis Coffey and Luchi de Jesus - Mafia Theme
Album: Black Belt Jones; Label: WB
Jack Webb - Nancy
Album: You're My Girl: Romantinc Reflections by Jack Webb; Label: WB
Air Date: 
June 10, 2011

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