6/9/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip


_6/9 in a nutshell..._
This week's playlist corrects some misinformation _I'd posted! Shame on me..._ regarding Perfume's impossibly rare ska single they cut when they were, like, 11 and 12, and which was distributed only in their hometown, Hiroshima! The only reason I've even heard this thing is it popped up on You Tube! The one-ska-wonders, currently techno-pop hotties with a song in _Cars 2,_ quickly became a staple on my show (I'm gonna bust an all one-ska-wonders set one of these weeks! Submissions? Send 'em to KFAI Box 3 1808 Riverside Av. Mpls MN 55454 c/o Capt. 2much Freetime!) Jazz Jamaica took us on an Exodus for GotchaSKAvered, I celebrated big 5-1 with an Area 51-inspired UFOs/Dreams/Space, etc. 4(+1)@4, Sherwood threw in a jazz trombonist actually _named_ Roswell (Rudd) in addition to the usual splendiferous space-age lounge selection he brings every week, and a Ball Of Fire (a.k.a. Echo 4-2) launched this week's Rocket Ship. Feel the roar...

Playlist Tracks: 
Tommy McCook with Baba Brooks Band - Rocket Ship
Album: 45; Label: Treasure Isle
The Skatalites - Ball of Fire
Album: Ska Authentic vol. 1; Label: Studio 1
Buster's All Stars - Devil's Daffodil
Album: 45; Label: Blue Beat
Soul Bros. - Early Bird
Album: v.a. The Blue Beat Special; Label: Coxsone
Roy Richards - Green Collie
Album: 45; Label: Island
Kentrick Patrick aka Lord Creator - King and Queen
Album: 45; Label: Randy's
Bunny Skitter - Mr. Chauffeur
Album: 45; Label: Rolando Powie
Granville Williams Orchestra - Nutty Buddy
Album: 45; Label: GWO
Carlton Reid - Turn On the Lights
Album: 45; Label: Ska Beat
Soul Bros. - Sound and Music
Album: 45; Label: Coxsone
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - 60Hz. Ska
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - This Just In...
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Roland Alphonso the Skatalites - Well Charge
Album: 45; Label: Studio 1
Tommy McCook - Don't Bother Me
Album: 45; Label: N.D.
Clive Naomi - Down Down
Album: 45; Label: Treasure Isle
The Pioneers - Give Up
Album: 45; Label: Caltone
Two Kings - Rolling Stone
Album: 45; Label: Island
Dennis Sindrey - Yellow Bird Ska
Album: 45; Label: Premiere
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - 5 Fingers of Ska
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Derrick Morgan - Forward March
Album: Moon Hop anthology; Label: Trojan
Bonnie Pink with The Miceteeth - Don't Get Me Wrong
Album: 45; Label: Duck Soup Productions
Dawn Penn - (excerpt) Long Day Short Night
Album: 45; Label: Prince Buster
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Sherwood's Planet
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
*Roswell Rudd - Feeling Good
Album: The Incredible Honk; Label: Sunnyside
The New Gary Burton Quartet - Late Night Sunrise
Album: Common Ground; Label: Mack Avenue
Koop. - Summer Sun (ft. Yukimi Nagano)
Album: Waltz For Koop.; Label: Quango
Tokyo Jihen (with orchestra under the baton of Takayuki Hattori - Fly Me to Heaven
Album: cd single; Label: Toshiba/EMI
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Lymedison
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Roger King Mozian - Tabu
Album: Spectacular Percussion; Label: MGM
Combustible Ediso - Cat o' 9 Tails
Album: the impossible world; Label: Sub Pop
Dick Hyman - The Moog and Me
Album: The Electric Eclectics of...; Label: Command/ABC
The Fireballs - Torquay (aka Torquay 2)
Album: v.a. Golden Instrumentals; Label: Dot
Benny Bennett His Orchestra - Harlem Cha Cha
Album: Let's Go Latin; Label: Seeco
Jimmie Haskell - Starlight
Album: Count Down!; Label: Imperial
Elliott Fisher His Orchestra - Thunderball
Album: Bang! Bang! Bang!; Label: Capitol
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - M.F. Bumps
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Mutant Frog (not as bumper) - Lunar Lily Pad
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
*Stefon Harris, David Sanchez Christian Scott - And This Too Shall Pass
Album: Ninety Miles; Label: Concord Picante
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - One for Freetime
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Dream Express
Album: Fantasia; Label: Epic/Sony
The Liptones - Moon Ska
Album: In English; Label: AMTY/808
The Skatalites - Trip to Mars (live)
Album: From Paris with Love; Label: World Village USA
Mutant Frogs (not as bumper) - The Great UFO Crash of '47
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Mutant Frogs (not as bumper) - Spirit of Gusev Special
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Jazz Jamaica - (theme from) Exodus
Album: Double Barrel; Label: Hannibal
Ska-D-Lite - Mr. Swing
Album: ...plays Dynomite; Label: s-r
Giuliano Palma the Bluebeaters - Se Ne Dicon de Parole
Album: Boogaloo; Label: V2/Universal
Sister Martens - Martens Ska
Album: 45; Label: Double Shot/Radio Underground
Perfume - Kareshi Boshuu Chuu
Album: cd single; Label: Momoji
SKAndalous All Stars - Waiting for the End
Album: Age of Insects; Label: Shanachie
Buford O'Sullivan - The Night Sky's Turning Blue
Album: the club of hopes and fears; Label: Ska Satellite
Corey Dixon the Zvooks - All the Wrong Places
Album: calm down; Label: Mad Butcher
(bumper) SKAndalous All Stars - The End
Album: Age of Insects; Label: Shanachie
(time remaining!) Mutant Frogs - (excerpt) Pro-Pleasure Gas (Capt. 2much Freetime's Ska Mutation)
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Air Date: 
June 9, 2011

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