6/8/2011 Echo Chamber


A special show tonight as we aired part 2 of the 5th annual "Around the World in 20+ Dubs" (originally aired 4/29 on Echo Beach at WLUW-FM, Chicago). But, before the ATW 20+ special mix, we started things off with Taj Weekes & Adowa in advance of their upcoming MPLS show (6/14 - 7th St Entry) & their upcoming appearance at the Bayfront Reggae Festival (7/17 - Duluth,MN). Followed up with Nkulee Dube, who will also be at the Bayfront Fest (7/16) from her new album "My Way". Also new vibes tonight from The Technician (from the new album "Earth Shaker vol. 2"), Gen. Smiley & McPullish, and Leah Rosier.

DJ Baby Swiss entered hour 3 smelling like a rose... in addition to 2 spritzes of Perfume, the ol' time travel machine named After Hours took us back to 'Round Midnight, Omars Attacked, firing strawberries from a white black hole in outer space, a Mouse unwrapped a snap bar somewhere on Mars, Yello dubbed in a tub, and Hugh Cornwell sprung a gingerbread girl from prison and spirited her away to an opium den... all in the Echo Chamber.

Playlist Tracks: 
Taj Weekes Adowa - Drill
Album: A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen; Label: Jatta
SXtheMadArtist - Longing Inner Sunshine (Leo Buddhaboy Shoshone Mix)
Album: N/A; Label: direct from artist
*Nkulee Dube - Who Dem
Album: My Way; Label: Native Rhythms
Burning Babylon - Yuh Afi Give fi Get
Album: Beat Brat Beat; Label: I-Tones/Soundshack
*Trevor The Technician McKenzie - Tsunami Dub
Album: Earth Shaker vol. 2; Label: self-release (iTunes, other)
Give Thanks Records - Heard It Through the Dubwise
Album: Four Hits in Fine Style; Label: Give Thanks
Doof - Grantchester Meadows Remembered (Wabi Mix)
Album: Dub for Life [various artists]; Label: Dubmission
Kene Busma - Vanilla Cloud
Album: Ashes of Dub; Label: Jamendo
*Jah Cure - Jah Army
Album: Jah Army [various artists]; Label: Ghetto Youths International/VP
*General Smiley meets McPullish - Sight Dub
Album: General Smiley meets McPullish at Dub Cove; Label: Charlie's
Dubchek - The Slapper
Album: The Far East End; Label: self-release (bandcamp.com)
Dadub - Dub On Struggle
Album: Keep On Struggle; Label: aquietbump
Jah Billah meets Droegenbwoys - Freedom Dub (excerpt)
Album: online single; Label: self-release
(around the world mix begin) II Djangdan (Korea) - Culture Tree
Album: Culture Tree EP; Label: Bibim
Dub Familia (Thailand) - Look to the EastBefore the Baby Born
Album: download; Label: self-release (iTunes)
Kukan Dub Lagan (Israel) - Roots of Vibration Remix
Album: Life Still Nice; Label: MikelaBella
Insintesi (Italy) - The Big Wheel
Album: 45; Label: Deep Root
Massive Dub Corporation (France) - Spiritual War
Album: High Ivory; Label: Original Dub Gathering
Dub Spencer Trance Hill (Switzerland) - London Calling
Album: The Clashification of Dub; Label: Echo Beach
Anna Gemina (Germany) - Bird (Dub in a Nutshell Remix)
Album: Uwaga Remixed; Label: Mutan
*Leah Rosier (Netherlands) - Irie (Nasty Dub)
Album: The Real Leah EP; Label: Dubbhism Deluxe
Dub Caravan meets NRG_D (UK) - Dub Pipe
Album: Peace Pipe EP; Label: Dread Camel
Bandulu Dub (Portugal) - Breathe and Bless (ft. Dubzoic)
Album: The Sun Rises for Everyone; Label: Dan Dada
Dubmatix (Canada) - Stone Dub ft. Earl 16
Album: Dread Gold vol. 2 - Dub from the Crypt; Label: (soon-to-be) Renegade Music
(around the world mix finish) Johnny Fife (USA) - Chants from the River Dub
Album: The Way of the Dub EP; Label: Dread Instead
King Tubby - King Tubby's Badness Dub
Album: Trojan Dub Box set; Label: Trojan
Taj Weekes Adowa - Two Joints
Album: A Waterlogged Soul Kitchen; Label: Jatta
Perfume X beatbopz1 - Nee (Hey) (Lovers Rock Mix)
Album: unofficial online track; Label: self-release (on YouTube)
Mouse On Mars - Snap Bar
Album: Glam; Label: Thrill Jockey
Astor Piazzolla X Nuspirit Helsinki - Verano Porteño
Album: Astor Piazzolla Remixed; Label: Milan
Yello - Tub Dub
Album: 80-85; Label: Mercury
After Hours - 'Round Midnight
Album: The Trouble With Those Guys Is...; Label: Jump Up!
The Slackers - Ain't No Sunshine
Album: The Great Rocksteady Swindle; Label: Hellcat
Hugh Cornwell - Gingerbread Girl (Opium Den Dub)
Album: The Prison's Going Down EP; Label: Koch
Omars Attacks - Adventure in a White Black Hole
Album: Strawberries from Outer Space; Label: Jamendo
Dennis Bovell presents: 4th Street Orchestra - Go Deh
Album: A Who Seh? Go Deh!; Label: EMI/Front Line
Perfume - 23:30
Album: One Room Disco single; Label: Tokuma Japan
Mutant Frogs - Cassini at Titan (excerpt)
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Air Date: 
June 8, 2011