6/3/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Is/Is - Vowel Movements
Album: Vowel Movements; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Claps - Across the Floor
Album: Across the Floor Single; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Thornbacks - Inside In
Album: April/May 2011; Label: s/r
Sarah Johnson - Noshhoj Harms
Album: Sarah Johnson/ Visions of Christ split tape; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Brute Heart - Satellite
Album: Lonely Hunter; Label: Soft Abuse
Phantom Tails - Sounds of the Hunchback Whale
Album: Live From Studio 5; Label: unreleased
No Bird Sing (Feat. Eyedea) - Dreams
Album: No Bird Sing; Label: s/r
Al Church State - Lady
Album: Matter; Label: s/r
Disrespect - Justice in a Bag
Album: Justice in a Bag; Label: Profane
Scooby Don't - Simon
Album: s/t; Label: s/r
Man Afraid - Hooverville
Album: Uphill Struggle; Label: Half Mast
Cleveland Bound Death Sentance - Between The Lines
Album: s/t; Label: THD
Husker Du - Books About UFOs
Album: New Day Rising; Label: SST
The Strike - Kicking @ss
Album: A Conscience Left To Struggle; Label: John's Face
The Kung Fools - Old Man The Sea
Album: Pockets Full; Label: Half Mast
Dillinger Four - Inquiring Minds
Album: This $hit Is Genius; Label: No Idea
Powermad - Terminator
Album: The Maddness Begins; Label: Reprise
Soylent Green - A Contempory Look At The Futuristic Past
Album: Processed Humanity; Label: Channel 83
Language Club - Something (it'll do)
Album: Conversations/Babel; Label: Good Records
Dylan Hicks - Time Capsule
Album: Time Capsule; Label: Prospective
Velvet Davenport - Triangle Pear
Album: Warmy Girls; Label: Moon Glyph
Visions of Christ - untitled
Album: Visions of Christ/Sarah Johnson Split; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Voyager - Archetype Of Beauty
Album: Voyager; Label: Soothing Almonds/Totally Gross
Obchod Na Korze - Bobo's Request
Album: Obchod Box Set Tape 5; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Air Date: 
June 3, 2011

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