5/26/2011 Fresh Fruit


Focus on the Family! Pete and Kendrick interview several guests about variations of the idea of family and marriage.

Mel Rexroad is the Midwest Region Senior Manager of the Family Equality Council. She discusses programming the FEC offers as well as current events.

FEC on the web: http://www.familyequality.org/

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Judith Stacey:

Professor Stacey teaches at NYU, and recently published Unhitched: Love, Marriage, and Family Values from West Hollywood to Western China. She discusses how there is a vast range of familial structures that produce stability.


Jessica Davis and Nick Shillingford of Join the Impact - Twin Cities talk about the organization's past, present and future.

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Playlist Tracks: 
George Michael - Feeling Good
Album: Twenty Five; Label: SONY
Frank Sinatra - Love and Marriage
Album: The Reprise Collection; Label: Reprise
Russ Buchanan - Save The Institution! (A Gay Marriage Sing A Long)
Album: Save The Institution! (A Gay Marriage Sing A Long) - single; Label: Midnight Graffiti