5/25/2011 Dart Gun Radio


"eh - an alright show.
Nena, creation, they might be giants, sham 69. replacements, ween, stranglers, Agent Orange, Eeri Von, Coathangers, black lips, white fence, Epoxies, dead milkmen, street sweeper social club

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo of Flies - How does it feel to feel
Album: music for insects minds; Label: Ampheatmine reptile
Nena - 99 Red Ballons
Album: 99 Luftballoons; Label: Epic
the Creation - Like a rolling stone
Album: Our Music is Red - with Purple Fashwes; Label: Diablo Records UK
they Might Be Giants - Some Crazy Bastard Wants to Hit Me
Album: Spine; Label: Rounder / Umgd
Beat Happenings - Indian Summer
Album: Jamboree; Label: K. Records
Simon and Garfunkle - I am A rock
Album: Sounds of Silence; Label: Sony
Swinging Utters - No Eager men
Album: On the Streets of San Francisco; Label: New Red Archives
Neil Young - Hey Hey, My My
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: Reprise Records
Sonic Youth - Shadow of a Doubt
Album: EVOL; Label: SST
the Organ - Memorize the City
Album: Grab that Sun; Label: Mint Records
the Creamers - it's No big Deal
Album: Love, Honor, and Obey; Label: Sympathy for the industry
Sham 69 - If the Kids are Unitied
Album: back to back - Sham 69/Sex Pistols; Label: Rhino
Ween - Voodoo Lady
Album: Chocolate and Cheese; Label: Elektra
the Shimmies - Whatcha Gonna Do about it
Album: Brunette On the Rocks; Label: off the Hip
The Scientists - we had love
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
the Rezillos - Flying Saucer Attack
Album: I can't stand the Rezillos; Label: Rhino
the Replacements - Kids Don't Follow
Album: STINK; Label: TWIN TONE
the Replacements - Unsatisfied
Album: Let it Be; Label: TWIN TONE
Nena - Lechtturm
Album: 99 Luftballoons; Label: Epic
the Stranglers - Rok It To the Moon
Album: No More Heros; Label: Emd Int'l
Agent Orange - Pipeline
Album: Living in Darkness; Label: Get Back
Eeri Von - Sell mt Soul (Maybe I will)
Album: The blood and Body; Label: Cleopatra Records / The Orchard
the Vaccines - Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra ra)
Album: What did you expect from the Vaccines?; Label: Columbia
the Vaccines - Norgaard
Album: What did you expect from the Vaccines?; Label: Columbia
the Vaccines - Wolfpack
Album: What did you expect from the Vaccines?; Label: Columbia
the Gorilla Biscuits - New Direction
Album: Start today; Label: Revelation
the Black Lips - Modern Art
Album: Arabiaa Mountain; Label: Vice
the Black Lips - Mad Dog
Album: Arabiaa Mountain; Label: Vice
the Coathangers - Go Away
Album: Larceny amp; Old Lace; Label: Suicde Squeeze
Missy Elliott Featuring MC Solaar - All in My Grill
Album: V/A - Le Flow: French Hip Hop Avant Gaurde; Label: Delabel
Street Sweeper Social Club - Good Morning Mrs. Smith
Album: S/T; Label: Street Sweeper Social Club
Beastie Boys - Lee Majors Come Again
Album: Hot Sauce Committee; Label: Grand Royal
Youth Brigade - Sound and Fury
Album: Sink with Kalifonja; Label: BYO
Suicidal Tendencies - Insitutionalized
Album: S/T; Label: Frontier Records
the Epoxies - we're so small
Album: S/T; Label: Dirtnap records
the Dead Milkmen - If You love someone Set them on fire
Album: Death rides a Pale Cow; Label: Ryko / Rhino
White Fence - Enthusiasm
Album: is gowing Faith; Label: 101 DISTRIBUTION
The Scientists - When Fate deals it's mornal Blow
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
May 25, 2011

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