5/18/2011 Dart Gun Radio


Celebrating the life of Harmon Killebrew: the Andrew Sisters, Big Black, this Moment in Black History, Baseball Project, Gay Witch Abortion, Dag for Dag, Count Basie, the Treniers, Atmosphere, Big Pauper, Hammerhead (Playing this Thursday at the Turf), the Dills, Wanda Jackson - ETC ETC& MORE

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo Of Flies - How does it feel to feel t
Album: Music For Insect Minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Big Black - Racer X
Album: Racer X; Label: Homestead Records
the Pagans - Bpy can I dance good
Album: Shit Street; Label: Treehouse Records
the Adverts - Gary Gilmore's Eyes
Album: V/A: No Thanks! He's 70's Punk rock Rebllion; Label: Rior
This Moment in Black History - Photonegative
Album: Public Square; Label: Smog Veil
the Treniers - Say Hey (the Willie Mays song)
Album: V/A Baseball Anthems; Label: Orchard
Count Basie and His Orchestra - Did you see Jackie Robinson hit that ball
Album: V/A Baseball Anthems; Label: Orchard
King Curtis - Take me out to the ball game
Album: V/A World Series Party: the best Baseball songs; Label: Orchard
Baseball Project - Look out Mom
Album: V/A - Vol. 2: High and Inside; Label: yep rock
Baseball Project (Craig Finn) - Don't call them Twinkies
Album: V/A - Vol. 2: High and Inside; Label: yep rock
the Selecters - Missing Words
Album: the very best of the Selecters; Label: Triple X Records
T-Bone Burnett - 7 times hotter than Fire
Album: the True False Identity; Label: DMZ
the Kills - your love is a deserter
Album: Oh Wow; Label: RCA
the Damned - I just can't be happy today
Album: machine gun etiquette; Label: Ace records
the Softboys - I wanna destroy you
Album: Underwater Moonlight; Label: yep rock
The Deejay's - Midnight Hour
Album: v/A underground '60's British Invasion; Label: sdjfkeji
PJ Harvey - send his love to me
Album: to bring you my love; Label: Island
Glasvegas - Stronger than Dirt
Album: Euphoric // Heartbreak; Label: Columbia
Dag for Dag - Boxed up in pine
Album: Boo; Label: self released
the Psychedelic Furs - Heaven
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: columbia
the Laughing - Runner
Album: Fever; Label: self released
Big Pauper - with the Terrorists
Album: Beyond Means; Label: Brainfeeder / Alpha Pup
Mono/poly - Punch the Troll in the Neck
Album: Manifestations EP; Label: Brainfeeder / Alpha Pup
Atmosphere - She's enough
Album: the Family Signs; Label: Rhymesayers
H.O.F. / Gay Witch Abortion - Track #5
Album: ep; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
AFCGT - Black Mark
Album: s/t; Label: subpop
Hammerhead - Once again with feeling
Album: Memory Hole; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Sarandon - Do the dance
Album: the Age of Reason; Label: sumberland
Sarandon - Meeting a Girl
Album: the Age of Reason; Label: sumberland
Chuck Berry - You can Never Tell
Album: V/A the Pulp Fiction Soundtrack; Label: Geffen
Wanda Jackson - you know I'm no good
Album: ep; Label: 3rd Man records
Blondie - Livin' in the real world
Album: the Platnum Collection; Label: capitol
the Dills - you're not blank
Album: v/a what stuff; Label: lloki records
the Scientists - when fate deals
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
Andrew Sisters (was actually Cut #7 - but stupid Xcell is being a jerk) - Take me out to the ball game
Album: V/A Baseball Anthems; Label: Orchard
Air Date: 
May 18, 2011