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idnight Express commemorates the release of its 10th recording in honor of one of their elders and teachers, Jerry Dearly, Sr.– Sutapi – which means “Sharpshooter” in Lakota Sioux. Jerry has been a guiding influence to the Midnight Express singers as well as many others. His knowledge of the Lakota language and traditions is evident throughout this album culminating with the title track, composed by his son, Jeremy.

Midnight Express Singers
Joseph Rainy, Buffalo Campbell, Chris Whipple, Crow
Bellecourt, Opie Day-Bedeau, Carlos Day, Marcus Denny,
Jason Kingbird along with John Teller, Jr. from Bear Traks
and Myron Pyawasit from Smokeytown Singers

Crow Bellecourt is one of the lead singers/manager for the Midnight Express drum group from the Twin Cities. They represent the Ojibwe, Lakota, HoChunk and Menomonee and Pueblo. Last year, ‘MNX’ as they are known were the winners of the Best Powwow album, at the Nammy’s (Native American Music Awards) for their album, “Band of Brothers” CD. Four times in the past 10 years they have won as world class Northern Singing Champions at Gathering of Nations powwow in Albuquerque, New Mexico. They are also the first group ever to win this award three years in a row. They enjoy singing for the people and representing their Twin Cties Indian community. Crow began singing traditional music when he was a student at Heart of the Earth in Minneapolis.

“Midnight Express is a group of Ojibway, Menominee Sioux Ho-chunk Nations. We travel to powwows gatherings all year round singing every where we go...we’ve recorded over nine albums one DVD. Our most recent CD’s are called MIDNIGHT EXPRESS BAND OF BROTHERS and SHARPSHOOTER.

The sounds of Midnight Express, originating from the Twin Cities in Minnesota, have grown from local Great Lakes area favorites to renown across Indian country. MNX, as they are often referred to on the powwow trail, have traveled from coast to coast competing and hosting as one of the most prominent drums on the circuit today. This drum group has proven to be one of the most powerful drum groups on the powwow trail today. They have captivated powwow arenas from coast to coast with their unique original style of singing. Coming from the twin cities of Minnesota, they have taken numerous singing championships along with various host drum jobs at some of the most prestigious powwow in Indian Country.

Playlist Tracks: 
Midnite Express - traditional
Album: Wicahpi Iziti; Label: Beartracks
Midnite Express - sidestep
Album: Wicahpi Iziti; Label: Beartracks
Midnite Express - intertribal
Album: Wicahpi Iziti; Label: Beartracks
Midnite Express - contest
Album: Wicahpi Iziti; Label: Beartracks
Air Date: 
May 11, 2011

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