5/11/2011 Dart Gun Radio


Ed Gein Fan club, Take, Ween (well sort of), Hepa/titus, the undertones, the jam, pagans, shellac, agent orange, wipers, cramps, Naked Raygun, Richard Hell - o.k. - sort of generic - but it was good times

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo Of Flies - How does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
T_REX - Children of the Revolution
Album: Solid Gold; Label: Get Back
HEPA/TitUS - Dirt Squirt
Album: ep; Label: self released
Ginny Arnell - Dumb Head
Album: V/A ShangriLas; Label: Goldenlane Records
Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation
Album: V/A No Thanks; Label: Rhino
the Little Murders - Don't let Go
Album: Stop Plus Singles; Label: Off the Hip
the Little Murders - Original
Album: stop Plus; Label: Off the Hip
the Wipers - Mystery
Album: Box Set; Label: Pink Flag
Gorillaz - the snake in Dallas
Album: the Fall; Label: Capitol
Naked Raygun - only in America
Album: Throb Throb Throb; Label: quarterstick
Naked Raygun - Metastasis
Album: Throb Throb Throb; Label: quarterstick
Harlem - #1
Album: Hippies; Label: Matador Records
Harlem - Spraypaint
Album: Hippies; Label: Matador Records
the Ceasars - lets go parking baby
Album: 39 Minutes of Bliss; Label: Astralwerks
the Cramps - Human Fly
Album: Gravest Hits; Label: EMI / Capitol
the Cramps - all women are bad
Album: stay sick!; Label: EMI / Capitol
the Creation - Like Rolling Stone
Album: Our Music Is Red-With Purple Flashes; Label: Diablo Records UK
Soft Pack - Pull Out
Album: s/t; Label: kemado
Soft Pack - Answer to yoursef
Album: s/t; Label: kemado
the Damned - Problem Child
Album: Music for Pleasure; Label: Ace
the damned - I just can't be happy today
Album: Mchine Gun Etiquette; Label: ace
SEX PISTOLS - C'Mon Everybody
Album: Live; Label: Rhino
Eddie Cochran - C'Mon Everybody
Album: Drive in show; Label: Rhino
Ed Gein Fan Club - C'Mon Everybody
Album: Music for Killing Children; Label: self released
Ween - Voodoo lady
Album: Chocolate and Cheese; Label: Elekrea
TAKE - Summer
Album: Can't stop it (V/A) - Post Austrailian Punk); Label: OIA
the Undertones - My Perfect Cousin
Album: All Wrapped up; Label: EMI / Capitol
Richard Berry amp; the Pharohs - LOUIE LOUIE
Album: V/A - Flip Hits; Label: ISOD
the Kingsmen - LOUIE LOUIE
Album: V/A - Greatest sports hits :); Label: lameassdownload
the Athenians - LOUIE LOUIE
Album: Underground '60's; Label: ISOD
Jesus and Mary Chain - HeadON
Album: Automatic; Label: Warner Brothers
Pixies - Cactus
Album: Surfa Rosa; Label: 4ad
the Rebel Set - transfusion
Album: Pison Arrow; Label: Silver Hornet
Pagans - She's a Cadver
Album: Shit Street; Label: Treehouse Records
Shellac - Song of Minerals
Album: Song of the Minerals; Label: Man's Ruin
the Jam - I'm going Underground
Album: snap; Label: polygram
the Kills - Love is a deserter
Album: No Wow; Label: RCA
Agent Orange - Bloodstains
Album: Living In Darkness; Label: Get Back
the Dagons - I'm not Nice
Album: Upon the Dull Earth; Label: Slef Released
the Wipers - Potential Suicide
Album: Box Set; Label: Pink Flag
the Scientists - fate deals it's mortal blow
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
May 11, 2011

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