4/27/2011-Click "Episode Details" to hear The Hell Country Truckers on our FOREVER archives.


Listen to the Hell Country Truckers on our FOREVER archives here:  https://archive.org/details/44HellCountryTruckers

The Hell Country Truckers have a bold approach to the Midwest's country scene. These good ol' boys play their favorite selections from outlaw and alt-country artists of today, as well as the legends that have influenced them. Their setlist includes anything from the classics that have kept honky-tonkers dancing for decades to newer country songs that you would otherwise have to drive to Texas to hear. They're currently entertaining crowds with their choice of off the beaten path country while working on their debut album of originals. This year-old band is on the way UP! It's hard to believe that the gritty vocals of Jake Galzki are coming from such a youthful guy and the flying fingers of Bronson Bergeson have to be seen to believe!
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