4/25/2011 Sonic Pleasure

Playlist Tracks: 
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Wobbler
Album: The Fluid Soundbox; Label: Mai-Tai
The Diplomats Of Solid Sound - Smokey Places
Album: The Diplomats Of Sound Featuring The Diplomettes; Label: Pravda
Seals Crofts - Summer Breeze (Tsuper Tsunami Mix
Album: What Is Hip? Remixed Classics From The Warner Bros Vault; Label: Warner Bros
Charles Wright The 103rd Street Rhythm Band - Express Yourself
Album: What Is Hip? Remixed Classics From The Warner Bros Vault; Label: Warner Bros
Daddy Dewdrop - Chick A Boom (Don't Ya Jes Love It)
Album: Chick A Boom; Label: Sunflower/MGM
The Frantic Five - Treat Me Kind
Album: On The Move; Label: On Stage
The B-Sides - And I Cry
Album: On The Outside; Label: Fuzz Overdose
McFadden's Parachute - Living In The 4th Dimension
Album: Living In The 4th Dimension; Label: Peter Fonda
Marshmallow Overcoat - A House Is Not A Motel
Album: The Light Show; Label: Bill Kurzenberger
Quasi - Black Dogs And Bubbles
Album: American Gong; Label: Kill Rock Stars
*The Head And The Heart - Lost In My Mind
Album: The Head And The Heart; Label: Sub Pop
*Happy Birthday - I Want To Stay (I Run Away)
Album: Happy Birthday; Label: Sub Pop
Electric Tickle Machine - Part Of Me
Album: Blew It Again; Label: Self Released
The Dilettantes - Subterranean Bazaar
Album: 101 Tambourines; Label: Happy Parts
The Clean - Rubber Soul
Album: Mister Pop; Label: Merge
Rocket To Memphis - I'm Bad
Album: Jungle Juice; Label: Off The Hip
The Frowning Clouds - That Girl's Something Else
Album: Listen Closer; Label: Off The Hip
*The Feelies - Time Is Right
Album: Here Before; Label: Bar None
Uptight - But Then One Day
Album: Uptight; Label: Off The Hip
The Stomach Mouths - Nightmares
Album: Something's Weird; Label: Got To Hurry
Floating Opera - The Ice Storm
Album: Pony Up A Go Go; Label: Spectral Operator
Lumerians - Melting Space
Album: Transmalinnia; Label: Knitting Factory
Jimi Hendrix - Valleys Of Neptune
Album: Valleys Of Neptune; Label: Experience Hendrix
The Primitives - The Ostrich
Album: The Ostrich-Sneaky Pete; Label: Pickwick City
Koats Of Male - Swinebeam # 3
Album: Swinebean #3-Life's Matter; Label: IGL
The Harlequins - Potato Chip
Album: Potato Chip-Where I Belong; Label: Entree
The Kornerstones - Doing The Ratfink
Album: Doing The Ratfink-The DJ; Label: E M
The Highrollers - Aardvark Walk
Album: It's A Big Thing Baby-Aardvark Walk; Label: Sho-Boat
The Plagues - Cherrie Pie
Album: Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go; Label: Arf Arf
The Tumblers - Scream
Album: Scream-Make You All Mine; Label: Pocono
Prince And The Paupers - Exit
Album: Exit-Shoulder Of A Giant; Label: JRJ
The Catalinas - The Coco Cherry Mash
Album: The Coco Cherry Mash-Talkin' Bout You Now; Label: Chase Candy Corporation
Inexpensive Handmade Look - What Good Is Up
Album: What Good Is Up-Ice Cream Man; Label: Brunswick
Looking Glasses - Visions
Album: Visions-Migada Bus; Label: Media
The Brain Train - Me
Album: Black Roses-Me; Label: Titan
The What's New - Up So High
Album: Up So High-Daisy; Label: Number One
The Rock Shop - State Of Your Mind
Album: Is That Your Halo-State Of Your Mind; Label: Rowena
The Who - Armenia City In The Sky
Album: The Who Sell Out Deluxe Edition; Label: Polydor
The Who - Heinz Baked Beans
Album: The Who Sell Out Deluxe Edition; Label: Polydor
American Dream - Good Times
Album: Good Times-I Am Searching; Label: Ampex
Studd Pump - Floating
Album: Floating-Spare The Children; Label: Uni
Bit A Sweet - Speak Softly
Album: Hypnotic 1; Label: ABC
Euclid - Lazy Livin'
Album: Heavy Equipment; Label: Flying Dutchman
Lords - Young Heartbeat
Album: Young Heartbeat-Sweet Words; Label: Barclay
Cream - Toad
Album: Wheels Of Fire; Label: Atco
Air Date: 
April 25, 2011

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