4/24/2011 Root Of All Evil


Playlist Tracks: 
Judas Priest - Dissendent Aggressor
Album: Sin After Sin; Label: Columbia Records
Nevermore - Engines Of Hate
Album: Dead Heart, In A Dead World; Label: Century Media
Otep - Not To Touch The Earth (The Doors Cover)
Album: Atavist; Label: Victory Records
Wolf - Full Moon Possession
Album: Legions of Bastards; Label: Century Media
Gift Dwarf - Metal Buerohengst
Album: Gift Dwarf; Label: SAOL
The Crown - Total Satan
Album: Deathrace King; Label: Century Media
Pestilence - Confusion
Album: Doctrine; Label: Mascot
Skeletonwitch - Beyond The Permafrost
Album: Beyond The Permafrost; Label: Prosthetic
Enabler - Unconditional Surrender
Album: Eden Sank To Grief; Label: Indie
Indian - The End Of Truth
Album: Guiltless; Label: Relapse Records
Morbid Angel - ExistoVulgore
Album: illud Divinum Insanus; Label: Season Of Mist
Kartikeya - He Who Carries The Head Of Brahma
Album: Mahayuga; Label: Grailight
Venom - Ressurection
Album: Ressurection; Label: Steamhammer
Sam Kinison - Jesus
Album: Louder Than Hell; Label: Warner Brothers
God Against - Worms Of Almighty God
Album: Supreme Khalkulus Of Tribulation; Label: Self-released/independent
Arroganz - Mankind On Fire
Album: Legacy Mag Comp # 71 CD 2; Label: Legacy Mag Comp # 71 CD 2
Dr. Know - Satans Black Throne Of Doom
Album: Wreckage in Flesh; Label: Restless Records
Spearhead - Kshatriya
Album: Theomachia; Label: Agonia Records
Rev 16:8 - When Your Words Are obsolete
Album: Ashlands; Label: AFM Records
Miasmal - Equinox 432
Album: Miasmal; Label: Dark Descent Records
Askaris - Leviathan Master of the Abyssal Depth
Album: The Waiting Room; Label: Self Released
Gorgoroth - Teeth Grinding
Album: Twilight of the Idols (In Conspiracy with Satan); Label: Nuclear Blast
Vried - Arche
Album: V; Label: Indie Recordings
Kampfar - Blitzwitch
Album: Mare; Label: Napalm Records
Forgotten Tomb - Under Saturn Retrograde Part 1
Album: Under Saturn Retrograde; Label: Agonia Records
Septic Flesh - A Great Mass of Death
Album: The Great Mass; Label: Season of Mist
Turisas - End Of A Empire
Album: Stand Up And Fight; Label: Century Media
Septic Flesh - Apocalypse
Album: The Great Mass; Label: Season of Mist
Rawkfist - Invincible
Album: Chryseus; Label: Black Birds Entertaiment
Amberian Dawn - Saga
Album: The Clouds Of Northland Thunder; Label: Ascendance
Kalevala - Skein Of Snow-White Flax
Album: Skein Of Snow-White Flax; Label: Sound Age Production
Leaves' Eyes - Etain
Album: Meredead; Label: Napalm Records
Imaginary Flying Machines - Kimi Wo Nosete
Album: Princess Ghibli; Label: The Metal House Studio
Nightwish - End Of All Hope
Album: Century Child; Label: Spinefarm Records
Factory Of Dreams - Protonic Stream
Album: Melotronical; Label: ProgRock
Arch Enemy - No Gods, No Masters
Album: Dawn of Khaos; Label: Century Media Records
Type O Negative - Hey Pete
Album: Origin Of the Feces; Label: Roadrunner Records
Dimlight - Path Of Ritual
Album: Obtenebration; Label: Emotion Art
Imperia - Out Of Sight
Album: Secret Passion; Label: Massacre Records
Sons of Seasons - The Place Where I Hide
Album: Gods Of Vermin; Label: Napalm Records
Sons of Seasons - Sanctuary
Album: Magnisphyricon; Label: Napalm Records
Amorphis - You I Need
Album: The Beginning Of Times; Label: Nuclear Blast
Godgory - Resurrection
Album: Resurrection; Label: Nuclear Blast
Tersivel - As Brothers We Shall Fight
Album: For One Pagan Brotherhood; Label: Trinacria
Brymir - Free Man's Path
Album: Breathe Fire To the Sun; Label: Spinefarm Records
Kromlek - Metropolitan Roots
Album: Finis Terrae; Label: Independent
Opeth - The Throat Of Winter
Album: The Throat Of Winter EP - 7inch vinyl; Label: Roadrunner Records
Thorondir - Das Bundnis
Album: Legacy Mag Comp # 72 CD 1; Label: Legacy Mag Comp # 72 CD 1
Colosseum - Passage Into Eternity
Album: Chapter 3 : Parasomnia; Label: Firebox Records
Liquid Horizon - Crown Of Creation
Album: The Scrpt Of Life; Label: Firefield Records
Last Chance To Reason - The Parabolic
Album: Level 2; Label: Prosthetic Records
Odd Logic - Move Move Move
Album: Over The Underworld; Label: Self Released
Air Date: 
April 24, 2011

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