4/15/2011 MN Soundtrack


Sam Cramer of Soothing Almonds Collective (S.A.C.) sits in for the last part of the show. A rockin' From the Vault set with the 80s straight-edge hardcore group Outcry and The Swing Teens doing I'm Loose. Toilet make their radio debut at the end of the show followed by Raggs.

Playlist Tracks: 
Falcon Arrow - amatuer law enforcement
Album: Axe Handle Hound; Label: s/r
Legitimit - Mind Functions
Album: Smile 7up and Low Tabs; Label: s/r
Nick Haas Trio - You Gotta Get Out Alive
Album: You Gotta Get Out Alive; Label: s/r
The Drug Budget - One Last Long Lost Lust
Album: Vagabond Draggin' Antagonist Bandwagon; Label: s/r
Chickadee Mountain Martyrs - Princess Snax
Album: Comeuppance; Label: Anti-Civ
Hardcore Crayons - Crayogenics
Album: Crayogenics; Label: s/r
Gospel Gossip - Nashville
Album: Dreamland EP; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Buffalo Moon - Jamba Samba
Album: Wet Suit; Label: Moon Glyph
Is/Is - Pretty Girl
Album: Is/Is EP; Label: Guilt Ridden Pop
Low - Over The Ocean
Album: The Curtain Hits the Cast; Label: Vernonyard
Ill Chemistry - Planetarium
Album: Demo EP; Label: s/r
Sunny Era - World Of Chance
Album: Gone Missing; Label: s/r
Outcry - Beaten
Album: Outcry; Label: Positive Force
Swingin' Teens - I'm Loose
Album: Swank; Label: Prospective
Man Sized Action - Claustrophobia
Album: Claustrophobia; Label: Reflex Records
Velvet Davenport - Radiate Moonlight
Album: Summer Island; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Larry Wish - Once Again
Album: World of Pictures; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Larry Wish - Time Gambler
Album: Godissee; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Obchod Na Korze - Old Skinny
Album: Baby Oddessy; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Toilet - Acatual Girl
Album: Toilet; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Air Date: 
April 15, 2011

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