4/3/2011 Sound Affects: A Radio Playground


*A Sound Affects Sampler, Part 2* - With guest hosts comedian Dean Johnson and playwright David O'Sullivan we bring Tea for Two from the CBS Radio Workshop episode called I Have Three Heads, about a new tape recorder being introduced into the stable of tape recorders at CBS in the early 1950s. Then we've dug up Squirrel Duels, an improvisation from Offramp at WMNF in Tampa, FL. Our feature piece is*The Truth: Moon Graffiti*, by Jonathan Mitchell, with a story surrounding an actual speech written for Richard Nixon in 1969 by William Safire just in case the moon landing went awry. And we'll finish off with a bit from the Firesign Theatre's Waiting for the Electrician album, *Beat the Reaper*, the game show about diseases. And then, of course, you call in and offer monetary support for the show and the station. It's just that easy. Go, do it now.

Playlist Tracks: 
CBS Radio - Tea For Two
Album: I Have Three Heads; Label: CBS Radio Workshop
Offramp - Squirrel Duels
Album: Best of Offramp; Label: WMNF, Tampa
Jonathan Mitchell - Moon Graffiti
Album: The Truth; Label: American Public Media
Firesign Theatre - Beat the Reaper
Album: Shoes for Industry; Label: Columbia
Air Date: 
April 3, 2011

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