3/25/2011 Jet Set Planet


Jet Set Planet March 25, 2011
Episode #292

N = Artist's Debut on the Program
R = Request

Playlist Tracks: 
Nino Nardini and Roger Roger - Jungle Spell
Album: Jungle Obsession; Label: PI
Don Tiare - The Girl Behind the Bamboo Curtain
Album: The Music of Les Baxter; Label: Mercury
Alex Keack - Wait and See
Album: For Surfers Only; Label: Crown
Ted Auletta - Pool of Love
Album: Exotica; Label: Cameo
Milt Raskin - Kona Head
Album: Exotics Sounds of Hawaii; Label: Crown
The Big Sound - Red Sails in the Sunset
Album: Heart of Hawaii; Label: Parade
Sonny Lester - Snake Charmer's Delight
Album: More of How to Belly Dance; Label: Roulette
{N} The Mauna Loa Islanders - Bali Hai
Album: Hawaiian Punch; Label: RCA
Arthur Lyman - Hana Maui
Album: Pele; Label: HiFi
Webley Edwards - Fire Goddess
Album: Hawaii Calls the Island of Dreams; Label: Pickwick
The Polynesians - Hawaiian China Doll
Album: Aloha Hawaii; Label: Custom
Sam Makia - Ua Like No A Like
Album: Hawaiian Dreams; Label: Forum
Johnny Poole - Enchanted Isle
Album: Hawaiian Enchantment for Dancing; Label: Clarion
Leo Addeo - Quiet Village
Album: On the Beach of Waikiki; Label: RCA
Johnny Lei Orchestra - Red Dawn
Album: Sounds of Hawaii; Label: Diplomat
Dominic Frontiere - House of Pleasure
Album: Pagan Festival; Label: Columbia
(N) Bald Bill Hagen and His Trocaderons - Koochie Galore
Album: Fun Music for a Strip Tease Party; Label: Somerset
(N) Obadia amp; Joseph Sugar - Arabian Knights
Album: 10 Nights in a Harem; Label: MGM
Johnny Nelson - Hawaiian War Chant
Album: Hawaii and Other Songs of the Island; Label: Crown
Webley Edwards - Ocean's Away
Album: Hawaii Today; Label: Capitol
Martin Denny - Snowflakes in Summer
Album: Exotica Today; Label: Liberty
{N} George Paoa Trio - Kalalau
Album: George Paoa Trio Live!; Label: Hula
{N} Doug Mossman - Polynesian and Asian Foods
Album: Only in Hawaii; Label: INAT
{N} The Waikiki Surfriders - Hawaiian Rock
Album: The Waikiki Surfriders; Label: Design
Waikikis - Tiki Tiki Puka
Album: Hawaii Tattoo; Label: Kapp
Hawaiian Islanders - Wild
Album: Hawaii Tattoo; Label: Wyncote
Leroy Holmes - My Little Grass Shack
Album: Music of Hawaii; Label: Metro
(R) The Invitations - Invitation
Album: The Inviations; Label: Liberty
Air Date: 
March 25, 2011

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