7/2/2007 Jet Set Planet


We start off with an exploration of Ethel Azama's olfactory gland and then segue to a killer Latin set that starts at 22 Del Rio Avenue and ends in the moonlight of Vermont. PLUS Music for the Birds, Ping Pong Percussion like you've never heard, songs doctored for superstereo, and finally Waitiki, who tell us all about the Molokai bar in Ft. Lauderdale Florida.

Playlist Tracks: 
Jimmie Haskell Orch - Countdown Blastoff!
Album: Countdown!; Label: Mr. Nobody
Ethel Azama - You Smell So Good
Album: Cool Heat; Label: Liberty
Roger King Mozian - Repercussion
Album: Spectacular Percussion; Label: MGM
Lester Lanin - Mambo Riff
Album: Lester Lanin Plays Latin Vol. 12; Label: Epic
Jimmy Smith - Mission: Impossible
Album: Livin' it up; Label: Verve
Rod McKuen - Bearded Ladies
Album: The Sounds of Day, The Sounds of Night; Label: Pickwick
Leroy Holmes - I, A Lover
Album: New Provocative Films; Label: UA
The Accents - 22 Del Rio Avenue
Album: Cha-Cha Jubilee; Label: Jubilee
Lester Lanin - Volga Boatman
Album: More Twistin' in High Society; Label: Epic
Bill Justis - El Watusi
Album: Plays 12 top tunes; Label: Smash
Willie Rodriquez and Chuck Sagle - Moonlight in Vermont
Album: Anyone Can Play Bongos; Label: Epic
Chris Stevens the Val-tones - Bag's Groove
Album: This Guy's in Love with You; Label: AF
Angelo De Pippo - Tarantella
Album: Italian Brass; Label: Fiesta
The Out Islanders - Honorable Hong Kong Rock
Album: Polynesian Fantasy; Label: Capitol
Earle Doud and Ralph Curtis - Spectacular Ping Pong
Album: Sounds/Funny; Label: Epic Stereorama
Sid Cooper - Percussion-Aire
Album: Percussive Jazz Vol. 2 Doctored for Super Stereo; Label: AF
Eddie South Mike Simpson - Blues fo the Birds
Album: Music for the Birds; Label: Mercury Wing
The Superdudes - Symphony for Shafted Souls
Album: Movie Sounds; Label: Pickwick
Tito Puente - I've Grown Accustomed to Her Face
Album: My Fair Lady Goes Latin; Label: Roulette
Johnny Keating - Passing the Mail Bags
Album: Robbery; Label: London
Felix Slatkin - Autumn In New York
Album: Fantastic Percussion; Label: Liberty
Ferrante and Teicher - Get Out of Town
Album: Ferrante and Teicher with Percussion; Label: ABC
Waitiki - Pineapple Lilt
Album: Rendezvous in Okonkuluku; Label: www.waitiki.com
Robert Drasnin - Puente Doble
Album: Voodoo II; Label: Dionysus
Morty Craft - Adventures in Paradise
Album: The World of Percussion; Label: Warwick
Ennio Morricone - Spinsters' Twist
Album: Malamondo; Label: Epic
Rene Hernandez - Corazon de Melon
Album: Percussive Latino Cha Cha Cha Doctored for Super Stereo; Label: AF
Rex Kona and His Mandarins - Bird Train
Album: Wild Orchids; Label: Columbia
Air Date: 
July 2, 2007

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