3/10/2011 Rocket Ship Ska Trip


_3/10/11 in a nutshell..._
Women Of Ska night on the RSST, though a few guys with birthdays this week crashed the party, including Don Drummond and pioneering big-band exoticist Les Baxter. Morg the Hoople got into the mix when another CD player balked, as did Ninapinta and his Bongos and Congas. Rosemary Clooney and Shiina Ringo served up back-to-back Mangos straight from the shady... nuke? Hey, it's Radio Active, right? And check out Ringo's singularly unique take on Autumn Leaves! Toots Hibbert covered his own Monkey Man with an assist from Gwen Stefani and No Doubt, and there was time remaining(!) at the end of The End. Baron von Skankin' Frank helped fill it.

Playlist Tracks: 
Tommy McCook with Baba Brooks Band - Rocket Ship
Album: 45; Label: Treasure Isle
Tracey Dey - (most of) Ska Doo-De-Yah
Album: 45; Label: Amy
Ria Bartok - (most of) Zu Schade Dafur
Album: Neu! 45; Label: Columbia
Don Drummond - Smiling
Album: (Skatalites) Ska Boo Da Ba; Label: Wirl/Top Deck
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - 5/16/Ska-7
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Don Drummond - Spitfire
Album: 45; Label: Black Swan
Roland Alphonso/Don Drummond/The Skatalites - Alipang
Album: 45; Label: Ska Beat
Millie (Small) - known in UK as Millie - Poor Little Willie
Album: Time Will Tell; Label: Trojan
Trio Esperança - Meu Bem Lollipop
Album: Retratos; Label: EMI Brasil
Rita Marley - One More Chance
Album: v.a. Wailers friends; Label: Heartbeat/Studio 1
The Soulettes - Opportunity
Album: 45; Label: Muzik City
Joanne Dennis - Don't Cry Over Me
Album: v.a. Wailers friends; Label: Heartbeat/Studio 1
The Castle Sisters - Stop Your Lying
Album: 45; Label: Ska Beat
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - 60Hz. Ska
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - This Just In...
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra - Suinkikutsu (ft. Hiromi Uehara)
Album: Goldfingers; Label: Avex
Perfume - Looking for a Boyfriend
Album: cd single; Label: Maple
Tomosaka Rie - Tokai no Manner
Album: Toridori; Label: EMI Japan
Morgan Fisher (as The Burtons) - MacArthur Park
Album: v.a. Hybrid Kids; Label: Cherry Red
Sara McAllister - Personal Sunshine
Album: Pheetown Girl; Label: Jayder
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Sherwood's Planet
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Rosemary Clooney - Mangos
Album: 45; Label: RCA
Shiina Ringo Saito Neko - Papaya Mango (same song!)
Album: Heisei Fuuzoku Daiginju; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Shiina Ringo - Kareha (Autum Leaves)
Album: Utaite Miyouri; Label: Toshiba/EMI
Les Baxter - Voodoo Dreams
Album: Jungle Jazz; Label: Capitol
Les Baxter - Lost City
Album: African Jazz; Label: Capitol
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - Lymedison
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
The Peanuts - Windmills of Your Mind
Album: Dream Box 10cd; Label: King Japan
Peggy Lee - Sneakin' Up on You
Album: Pass Me By; Label: Capitol
*Anna Calvi - Love Won't Be Leaving
Album: s-t; Label: Domino
Urszula Dudziak - Mosquito Dream
Album: Urszula; Label: Arista
Ninapinta his Bongos Congas - The In Crowd
Album: the downtown scene - Hits For The Hip; Label: Decca
Kipp Hamilton - Feel in My Heart (The Words Get Stuck in My Throat)
Album: sdtk. War of the Gargantuas; Label: Futureland/Toho
Swan Dive - Ordinary Day
Album: s-t; Label: Compass
Shuya Okino - Pieces of You (ft. Yukimi Nagano
Album: United Legends; Label: Geneon
Stereolab - Miss Modular
Album: Dots and Loops; Label: Duophonic/Elektra
(bumper) Mutant Frogs - One for Freetime
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Cabernet Deneuve - Teenage Ska
Album: Zucchini (a.k.a.Squash) (Google translation); Label: Bad Taste
Sara McAllister - For What It's Worth
Album: Pheetown Girl; Label: Jayder
The Skeletones - Ravers
Album: Bump; Label: Rivercidal
Moon Hop - Cheek to Cheek
Album: Welcome Back to the Moon; Label: Patate
Toots the Maytals - Monkey Man (ft. No Doubt)
Album: True Love; Label: v2
Open Season - Ready for You
Album: Hot and Fire; Label: Megalith
St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review - Too Good to Be True
Album: Too Good to Be True; Label: Megalith
The Bodysnatchers - Too Experienced
Album: 45; Label: Chrysalis/2Tone
The Miggedys - American Girl
Album: v.a. Ska Down Her Way - Women of Ska vol. 1; Label: Shanachie
The Selecter - Deep Water
Album: Celebrate the Bullet; Label: Chrysalis
Dionne Bromfield - Foolish Little Girl
Album: Introducing...; Label: Island/Lioness
Save Ferris - What You See is What You Get
Album: modified; Label: Epic/Starpool
Cabernet Deneuve - Moscow
Album: Best; Label: BRP
Ocean 11 - I Am Queen
Album: v.a. California Skaquake 2; Label: Moon Ska
(bumper) SKAndalous All Stars - The End
Album: Age of Insects; Label: Shanachie
(time remaining!) Mutant Frogs - (excerpt) Baron von Skankin' Frank
Album: It's One Of Ours; Label: Skankworks/IMT
Air Date: 
March 10, 2011

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