3/4/2011 MN Soundtrack

Playlist Tracks: 
Jeff Arundel - Angel Possee
Album: Bomb; Label: Flash
Bluesky Blackout - Figure Head
Album: John Hughes; Label: Susstones
Al Church State - Friday Night
Album: Secret One; Label: Draw Fire
Fortified Five - Iddy Biddy Diddy
Album: Fortified Five; Label: s/r
Larry Wish - Another Sleepless Night
Album: Larry Wish/Camden; Label: Never Ender
Camden - untitled
Album: Larry Wish/Camden; Label: Never Ender
Daughters of the Sun - b2
Album: Ghost With Chains; Label: Not Not Fun
Private Dancer - A House Named Reverb
Album: Trouble Eyes; Label: Learning Curve
Hastings 3000 - White Devil
Album: Hastings 3000; Label: s/r
Hello Blue - Celebrate
Album: What It Takes To Wake Up; Label: Afternoon
Grant Hart - In A Cold House
Album: Good News For Modern Man; Label: Pachyderm
Willie Murphy - Goodbye Little Girl
Album: Hustlin' Man Blues; Label: Muff Ugga
The Nightinghales - Vegas Rag
Album: The Dark Rift; Label: s/r
Food Pyramid - untitled
Album: II; Label: Moonglyph
Patrik Tanner - Doing Wrong By The Ring
Album: Guilt; Label: Golden Boy
Cold Front - Beyond The Beat
Album: Beyond The Beat 12; Label: Audiocon
The Magnolias - Gangs In My Town
Album: For Rent; Label: Twin Tone
mr. hide - Headin' Down
Album: Gettin' Hide; Label: Soothing Almonds Collective
Fortified Five - Abner A La Mode
Album: Fortified Five; Label: s/r
Velvet Davenport - Triangle Pear
Album: Warmy Girls; Label: Moonglyph
Air Date: 
March 4, 2011

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