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Ray Tricomo is an Italian American born in Detroit. He attended Wayne State University from 1963-67, and majored in English with minors in Sociology and History. In 1970, he earned a masters in African Studies. From 1970-74, he worked on a PHD in African history with minor in medical geography and US history. Ray Tricomo was the Green Party Minnesota's 2002 nominee for the US Senate. Today, he mentors Kalpulli Turtle Island Multiversity, a community dedicated to education and land restoration to the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (North America).

Dr. Jean Strait (Apache) is an Associate Professor of Teacher Education at Hamline University. In her current Literacy and Educational Psychology position, she is a critical component to the Center for Excellence in Urban Teaching and the School of Education’s service-learning development director. The University’s 20-year partnership with Hancock-Hamline elementary school, where over 60% of faculty, staff and students participate in service-learning, has led to two top five finalist positions in the Minnesota Jimmy Carter Partnership awards.

see: http://kalpulli.drupalgardens.com/

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March 2, 2011

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