2/23/2011 Echo Chamber


DJ Baby Swiss goes solo...as Dr. StrangeDub overslept and missed the show. An amazing mix of old and new that was described by the dubmaster The Technician as "F#$%@#@ Great!" The big cheese for the night threw together some Skatalites at Tubby's, Steve Turre, Voodeux, Otto von Schirach, Subatomic Sound System, Amadi featuring Bunny Rugs, and more, culminating in a John Brown's Body track, Ghost Notes, going out to some newly-minted ghosts... victims of Col. Gaddafi's war on his own population.

Due to a computer error, mp3 archives for this broadcast are not available. The problem has been addressed and will resume as normal for next week. The Real Audio Archives are still available to listen to.

Playlist Tracks: 
The Skatalites - Give Thanks
Album: Heroes of Reggae in Dub; Label: motion
Prince Far-I the Arabs (the Roots Radics undercover!) - Shake the Nation
Album: Cry Tuff Dub Encounter chap. 3; Label: Daddy Kool
Tristan Palmer - Collie Man
Album: 12; Label: Education
Steve Turre - The Emperor
Album: s-t; Label: Verve
The Pepper Pots - We Must Believe version (ft. Ben Jammin)
Album: Swingin' Sixties; Label: Black Pepper
Sounds from the Ground - A Thousand Colors
Album: The Maze; Label: Waveform
The Dualers - Finally Your Day Has Come
Album: The Melting Pot; Label: Galley
Voodeux - Skeleton Key
Album: The Paranormal; Label: Mothership
The Disciples - Talking Drum
Album: Timbuktu EP; Label: Cup of Tea
The English Beat - Spar wid Me (ft. Ranking Roger)
Album: 12; Label: Go Feet/Arista
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra (live) - Moments in Heaven
Album: On Tour; Label: Cutting Edge
*Mars - India Sleeping
Album: Transnational Dub v.a. dtep; Label: 6º
*Engine Earz Experiment - Kaliyuga
Album: Transnational Dubstep v.a.; Label: 6º
Otto von Schirach - Pelican Moondance
Album: Chopped Zombie Fungus; Label: Schematic
The Aggregation - Let There Be Love version
Album: 45; Label: Globe Champion
Tony Laidley - Dub Music
Album: 45; Label: Flames
Soul Dimension - Spiritual Version
Album: 45; Label: File Japan
Ken Boothe - The Train Is Coming
Album: ...sings hits from Studio One and more; Label: Rhino
Ken Boothe - The Train Is Coming Dub
Album: ...sings hits from Studio One and more; Label: Rhino
Subatomic Sound System - Fly Free (Dubstrumental)
Album: On All Frequencies - Instrumentals; Label: Subatomic Sound
photofit - Burning Waterfall
Album: 12; Label: narcotix inc.
Ian Simmonds - Fathom Down
Album: Return to X; Label: !K7
Amadi ft. Bunny Rugs Clarke - Living for Life
Album: Black Spark, White Fire; Label: Olmec
Nneka - Suffri
Album: Concrete Jungle; Label: Epic
DJ Spooky vs. Twilight Circus - Dub Cultivator
Album: Riddim Clash; Label: M
Little Tempo - Over the Rainbow
Album: Mountain and Sea; Label: Sunshine
Lee Scratch Perry - Panic in Babylon (remix by Dave Sitek of TV On The Radio)
Album: Panic in Babylon (bonus cd-ep); Label: Narnack
Mutant Frogs - (most of) Cassini at Titan
Album: Warts 'n' all; Label: Skankworks/IMT
John Brown's Body - Ghost Notes
Album: Amplify; Label: Easy Star
Air Date: 
February 23, 2011