2/11/2011 MN Soundtrack


Cyn Collins (of Spin With Cyn, Tuesdays 10:30am-12pm) sits in and plays some of her favorite local cuts. From The Vault: NNB

Playlist Tracks: 
The Johnny D Occurance - Grain Animals and Oil
Album: The Johnny D Occurance; Label: s/r
The Eelpout Singers - Johnny Don't Get Drunk
Album: Some Sample Tracks; Label: s/r
Kaivanna - Sam Sihvonsotissi
Album: Rockin the Boat; Label: s/r
Broken Rope - 3
Album: Tiger Trap; Label: s/r
Douglas R. Ewart - Ok Usa
Album: Velvet Fire; Label: s/r
The Shiny Lights - On The Sly
Album: The Shiny Lights; Label: s/r
Ian Thomas Alexy - Blow You Away
Album: Are You Listening; Label: CIC Records
BNLX - Garbage Strike
Album: 5; Label: Susstones
Rank Strangers - Neverwerk
Album: Neverwerk EP; Label: s/r
Mighty Mofos - Levitation
Album: Mighty Mofos; Label: Midnight Records
Blind Shake - Human Organ Piano
Album: Blind Shake; Label: Ft. Gezeppi Records
Michael Yonkers - Damsel Fair and Your Angel
Album: Grimwood; Label: Destil
Dysmal Abyss - 6:17
Album: Lighten Up Sampler; Label: the Lighten Up Sound
Aby Wolf - Kiera
Album: Sweet Prudence; Label: s/r
Lucy Michelle the Velvet Lapelles - Heart of Gold
Album: Good of That; Label: s/r
The Knotwells - Been Here Too Long
Album: Blood River Melodies; Label: s/r
El Le Faunt - The Believer
Album: Circus; Label: Old Fashoned
Spirits of the Red City - Can't Come Home
Album: Hunter/Moon; Label: s/r
Magic Castles - 10100
Album: The Lore of the Mystic; Label: s/r
Humanda - Virgo
Album: Chateu Manal; Label: s/r
Satellite Voices - Typewritter and the Telephone
Album: Scarlet Rays of Future Echos; Label: s/r
NBB - Slack
Album: Slack/New World Single; Label: Wave Seven
Air Date: 
February 11, 2011

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