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Five stories from KFAI's 10,000 Fresh Voice series:

1. The St. Paul Winter Carnival Celebrates its 125th Anniversary
Produced by Elena Erofeeva
The St. Paul Winter Carnival opened last week, marking the 125th anniversary of the oldest winter festival in the country. The event features a variety of activities, from ice carving and snow sculpting, to sporting events like skiing, skating, curling and rugby. KFAI producer Elena Erofeeva spoke to the former Prime Minister of the King Boreas court, as well as the 1955 Queen of the Snows about the festival's illustrious history.

2. Artist Marcia McEachron
Produced by Dixie Treichel
Minneapolis artist Marcia McEachron began manipulating steel nearly 30 years ago. Tool by tool, apprenticeship by apprenticeship, she hammered away at the age-old craft, gradually gaining recognition in the public and private spheres for her contemporary spin on hand-forged steel furniture and art. Producer Dixie Treichel has the story.

3. Rosalux Gallery
Produced by Dan Greenwood
The cooperative model can be applied to many things--from food and finances, to communities and artists. These days, more and more artists are uniting to share studio and gallery space in hopes of increasing exposure and ultimately, sales. For Rosalux, the co-op model has been in place since 2002. Not long after the gallery opened in a modest storefront at 6th & Central Ave in Northeast Minneapolis, fire from a nearby meth lab forced Rosalux to move. For several years the artist co-op was located in the Open Book building on Washington Ave, but last year it returned to Northeast, setting up shop in a space adjacent to the Frank Stone Gallery. Producer Dan Greenwood spoke to artist and Rosalux member Terrance Payne about about this sustainable artist co-op.

4. Lars Martinson
Produced by Britt Aamodt
Twin Cities cartoonist Lars Martinson recently published the second volume in his four-volume graphic novel "Tonoharu". KFAI producer Britt Aamodt talked to Martinson about his latest book.

5. Musicians Dean Magraw & Marcus Wise
Produced by Dale Connelly
In the late 1970s, two young musicians were introduced to each other by a mutual friend. Tabla player Marcus Wise and guitarist Dean Magraw quickly found common musical ground and made a recording. Now, more than 30 years after that first meeting, they’ve returned to the studio to make a second disc. It finds them with the same tight musical connection, but their sound and circumstances have changed. KFAI producer Dale Connelly has this story.
Dean Magraw and Marcus Wise will be performing at the Cedar Cultural Center this weekend to celebrate the release of their CD, "How the Light Gets In". The show is this Saturday, February 5, at 8pm.

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January 31, 2011

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