1/28/2011 Jet Set Planet


January 28, 2011 (episode #285)
The Greatest Recording, Ever!
{N} Artist's debut on the program

Playlist Tracks: 
Uschi Moser - Sunny Honey
Album: Funky Frauleins Vol 2; Label: Bureau B
The Pretty Goods - I Want to Be Happy
Album: The Look of Love; Label: London
Liberace - Theme From A Summer Place
Album: Golden Themes from Hollywood; Label: Coral
De Vol - The Happening (side 2)
Album: The Happening; Label: Colgems
Poco Loco Guitars Plus Brass - The Hungry Bull
Album: Si, Si Senor Bandido; Label: Power Apple Honey Series
Kai Winding - Hero
Album: More; Label: Verve
Henry Mancini - Baia
Album: The Latin Sound of Henry Mancini; Label: RCA
Mundelle Lowe - Pattern of Evil
Album: Satan in High Heels; Label: Parker
Roland Shaw - Twisting with James
Album: The James Bond Thrillers; Label: London
Johnny Williams - Sadaba
Album: Penelope; Label: MGM
The Marble Arch Orchestra - Zabadak
Album: Tomorrow's Standards; Label: Liberty
Johnny Keating - Gang's Arrest
Album: Robbery; Label: London
Bob Crewe - An Angel is Love
Album: Barbarella; Label: Paramounts
Shorty Rogers - Wampuskitty
Album: Bug-In; Label: Capitol
Jack de Mello - Surf - Rebel of the Rainbows
Album: Kui Lee; Label: Eipc
Sammy Davis Jr. - Don't Take Your time
Album: Lonely is the Name; Label: Reprise
Bernard Ebbinghouse - The Morning After
Album: Prudence and the Pill; Label: 20th Century Fox
Gabor Szabo - Are You There
Album: Wind Sky and Diamonds; Label: Skye
John Williams - The Ferry Ride
Album: Cinderella Liberty; Label: 20th Century Fox
Claude Denjean - Nights in the White Satin
Album: MOOG; Label: Phase 4
Fred Bongusto - Pinky
Album: Peccato Veniale; Label: CAM
Nino Nardini - Bossa Noite
Album: Nature Nocturne; Label: Musical illustration 21
John Barry - Something's Up!
Album: The Knack; Label: MCA
Jacky Giordano - Cloudy Night
Album: The Jacky Giordano Organ; Label: Musical Illustration 24
Barry White - Somebody's Gonna Off the Man
Album: Together Brothers; Label: 20th Century Fox
Raimonds Pauls - Stayin' Alive
Album: My Way; Label: Meaoanr
Sammy Davis Jr. - Don't Take Your time
Album: Lonely is the Name; Label: Reprise
Air Date: 
January 28, 2011

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