1/21/2011 Jet Set Planet


h3. PLAYLIST January 21, 2011 Episode #284

{N} Artist's Debut on the Program
{LF} Leslie's favorite of the night

Playlist Tracks: 
MUZAK Corp: Specialists in the physiological and psychological applications of music - Keep it Happy
Album: Stimulus Progression #2; Label: MUZAK
Pete Terrace - Watch Out
Album: What a Night for the Cha Cha Cha; Label: Tico
Della Reese - Whatever Lola Wants
Album: Cha Cha Cha; Label: RCA
Edmundo Ros - El Cumbanchero
Album: Bongos from the South; Label: Phase 4
Francis Lai - Elephant Shake (Lucy's Theme)
Album: Hannibal Brooks; Label: UA
Stu Phillips - Mahahbalipuram
Album: Follow Me; Label: UNI
Warner Bros. Orchestra - Palm Springs Scramble
Album: Palm Springs Weekend; Label: WB
Mundell Lowe - The Thin Man
Album: TV Action Jazz!; Label: RCA
Motion Picture Studio Orchestra - Triple Cross
Album: The Best of Today's Motion Picture Theme Music Vol. 1; Label: UA
Roland Shaw - The Saint
Album: Themes for Secret Agents; Label: London
{N} Don Jacoby - The Eyes of Love
Album: Jacoby Brings the House Down; Label: Pompeii
Andy Williams - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine
Album: Love Andy; Label: Columbia
Liberace - Live for Life
Album: The Sound of Love; Label: Dot
{N} The Marble Arch Orchestra - Judy in Disguise (with Glasses)
Album: Tomorrow's Standards; Label: Liberty
Vinnie Bell - Night Train
Album: Whistile Stop; Label: Verve
Leo Diamond - Waterfall
Album: Magic of Leo Diamond; Label: RCA
{N} Carl Orff - More Xylophone Inventions
Album: Street Song; Label: BASF
Kai Winding and the Prevailing Winds - Over the Rainbow
Album: Rainy Day; Label: Verve
{LF} MUZAK Corp: Specialists in the physiological and psychological applications of music - Kate Mc Shane
Album: Stimulus Progression; Label: MUZAK
The Alan Copeland Chorus and Orch - Tiella Lee
Album: If Love Comes With It; Label: AM
{N} The Pretty Goods - Misty Morning Eyes
Album: The Look of Love; Label: London
{N} Dancing Violins - Gentle on my Mind
Album: Dancing Violins; Label: London
Ennio Morricone - Velvet Muscles
Album: Malamondo; Label: Epic
Dancing Violins - Mission Impossible
Album: Dancing Violins; Label: London
Ray Martin - Cartoonik
Album: The Sound of Sight; Label: Phase 4
{N} J. J. Jones - Imagination
Album: Misty; Label: Wyncote
Morton Stevens - Operation Smash
Album: Hawaii 5-0; Label: Capitol
Tito Rodriguez - Nada Mas
Album: Senor Tito Rodriguez; Label: Forum
Tarrango - Anna
Album: The Sound of Latin Brass; Label: Kapp
Elmer Bernstein - Hot Dogs and Juice
Album: The Sweet Smell of Success; Label: Decca
Air Date: 
January 21, 2011

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