1/19/2011 Live from Studio 5!


(HEY, what happened to our mp3 archive??!)
The chaos in Studio 5 was managed quite well by our new Producer, Robert W. Morgan. We had to do a complete changeover at half time so it was quite daunting. We started off with "The Shiny Lights" a kind of 70′s retrorock with a splash of modern-day authority to keep the sound fresh. It’s 1976 meets 2010. Hailing from Minneapolis, The Shiny Lights are comprised of Twin Cities veteran musicians Chris Lynch (guitar/keys, vocals), John Eller (guitar/keys, vocals), Steve Price (bass, vocals) and Noah Levy (drums, percussion). On this night we had a drummer sitting in from an alternate universe, Dave Russ.
Check these guys out here

Next up, it was (The) Giravves. If you took the pop sensibilities of That Dog and catchy guitar hooks of Weezer and put them into a blender plus Bob Moog with elongated cervical vertebrae and Ric Ocasek on stilts, well then you just might have a concoction similar to GIRAVVES. You can find out more about 'em here

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It takes a few days to get 'em up there but keep checking. Some of the early ones ain't so great but each week we get better.
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