11/12/2011 The Session Mixshow

Playlist Tracks: 
Poonanny - Cheatin' in the next room
Album: Ponyrider; Label: Waldoxy Records
Ollie Nightengale - I'm gonna turn this bed over
Album: Olliestyle; Label: ECKO Records
Trudy Lynn - your good thing
Album: 24 Hour Woman - NEW RELEASE*; Label: Icheban Records
Al Green - love and happiness
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: Hi Records
Carl Sims - trapped
Album: MM Man; Label: Waldoxy Records
Starleana - I'll take you there
Album: Starleana; Label: Virgin Records
Bobby Rush - shut-up
Album: Hoochie Man; Label: Waldoxy Records
Charles Wilson - two wrongs made a right
Album: It ain't the size; Label: ECKO Records
Shirley Brown - I got to sleep with one eye open
Album: Woman Enough; Label: Malaco Record
Chuck Strong - you're all the woman I need
Album: 3-in-a-Bed; Label: ECKO Recordsecords
Roy C. - I'm falling in love again
Album: Sex and Soul; Label: Polygram Records
Miss Lavelle White - It haven't been easy
Album: It Haven't Been Easy; Label: Antone's Records
Steve Perry - treat her right
Album: I need U; Label: Juana Records
Clarence Carter - working on a love building
Album: Soul Patrol; Label: Ripete Records
For-Real - love will be waiting at home
Album: waiting to exhale; Label: Arista Records
Little Milton - walking the back streets and crying
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: Malaco Record
Quinn Golden - I'm gonna be a man about it
Album: When the dance is over; Label: Ecko Records
Barbara Carr - Bit off more than you can chew
Album: Bone me like you own me; Label: Ecko Records
Jimmy Lewis - Reasons
Album: Never met a woman I didn't like; Label: Mardi Gra Records
Richard Dimples Fields - I've got to learn to say no
Album: She's Got Papers On Me; Label: Boardwalk
Denise LaSalle - Why am I missing you
Album: Smokin' In Bed; Label: Malaco Record
Stan Mosley - don't knock my love
Album: The Soul Singer; Label: Malaco Record
Rick Lawson - bottoms up, again
Album: Ladies night; Label: ECKO Records
Ms Jody - you got to play with it before you lay with it
Album: It's a miss Jody thing; Label: ECKO Records
Luther Lackey - your dog ate mycat
Album: I Should Have Stayed Scared; Label: ECKO Records
Clarence Carter - you got to grunt
Album: Bring It To Me; Label: Cee Gee Records
Mary J Blige - not gon cry
Album: waiting to exhale; Label: Arista Records
Betty Wright - Tonight's the night
Album: Betty Wright Live; Label: Rhino Records
Bobby Rush - Henpecked
Album: Don't Stop No Show; Label: Waldoxy Records
Little Milton - that's what love will make you do
Album: Tin Pan Alley; Label: Stax Records
lee fields - You got another thought coming
Album: It's hard to go back after loving you; Label: Avanti Records
Whitney Houston - The greatest loveof all
Album: Whitney Houston; Label: Arista Records
Air Date: 
November 12, 2011

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