1/12/2011 MinneCulture


The 1970s Co-op Wars
Produced by Maria Almli

Think of "co-ops" and you might conjure up images of bulk food stores and tie-dye wearing hippies. But in the 1970s, co-op wars raged in the Twin Cities, dividing communities and fracturing the young movement.

In this documentary, producer Maria Almli interviews those who were there. Learn how the co-op wars began--when a secretive group in support of Marxist principles began retooling operations for the newly emerging hippie grocery stores--and how members found themselves in the midst of a car bombing and violent takeovers.

Interviews include:

Gail Graham
Craig Cox
David Gutknecht
Dean Zimmermann
Bob Malles
Dan Nordley
Annie Young
Kristin Garwick
Lynette Malles

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January 12, 2011

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