1/10/2011 MinneCulture


1. Rita Mustaphi & Katha Dance Theatre
Produced by Mahi Palanisami
Centuries ago, after the Mogul empire in India began to take an economic turn for the worst, dancers in India united despite their religious differences, and preserved the dance form that lives today. KFAI producer Mahi Palanisami spoke to Katha Dance Theater founder Rita Mustaphi about the Mogul's obsession preserving the art, and her own passion for dance.

2. Minnesota Dance Theatre
Produced by Dixie Treichel
Lise Houlton became Artistic Director of Minnesota Dance Theatre in 1995, succeeding her mother Loyce Houlton, who founded the company in 1962. Recognized as one of Minnesota's cultural treasures, Minnesota Dance Theatre, which turns 50 in 2012, continues its legacy of producing dance performances with an eclectic, international voice.

3. Circus Juventas
Produced by Jessica Folker
With roughly 800 children and young adult performers, Circus Juventas in St. Paul is the largest youth circus in North America, offering training in traditional circus arts to people of all ages. The troupe puts on stunning performances to sold out audiences each spring and summer. KFAI producer Jessica Folker talked to coaches and students to find out why they spend their time juggling, balancing and soaring from terrifying heights.

4. Minnesota Center for Book Arts
Produced by Asa Diebolt
Minnesota Center for Book Arts is one of the nation's oldest and largest organizations dedicated to the fine art of book making. KFAI's Asa Diebolt visited the MCBA on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis to learn about this creative tradition. Visit Minnesota Book Arts at mnbookarts.org.

5. Hedberg Maps: Creative Cartography
Produced by Dan Greenwood
In an age of Google Earth and Google Maps, the field of cartography is constantly redefining itself. Hedberg Maps, located in Northeast Minneapolis, takes a creative and fresh approach to traditional cartography by producing specialty maps such as its guides to farmers markets, dog parks and arts venues. KFAI's Dan Greenwood interviews cartographer Nat Case about the Hedberg's unique offerings.

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January 10, 2011

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