1/5/2011 MinneCulture


Dale Connelly produced this fantastic profile of Twin Cities band, The Brass Kings. In this program the trio talks about their partnership and the origins of the group, and performs songs from their three CDs.

The Brass Kings is a Twin Cities trio with a unique, acoustic sound that incorporates some very basic instruments--guitar, washboard and washtub bass. But that’s where the simplicity ends. Steve Kaul writes sophisticated, multi-layered songs that feature great musical hooks. Mikkel Beckmen and Brad Ptacek provide an energetic rhythm section that is musically solid and fun to watch.

The Brass Kings are as busy as a band can be when its members hold down demanding jobs outside the music world. Brad is a small business owner, Mikkel is Executive Director of a social service non-profit, and Steve is a chef.

To learn more about the Brass Kings, visit them on myspace, or go to http://www.stevekaul.com/

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January 5, 2011

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