12/29/2010 Live from Studio 5!


And back at full strength with Molley Holley and Colin Selhurst along with Cris Cave and Erik John. They rocked out for two whole hours taking only a ten minute breather to fix some broken strings. Check out the pix from the night here on FlickR
Also, now we are putting our videos up on You Tube labeled KFAI ROCKS just click on the blue and look at our videos. The 99ers one is up now.

We're still waiting to hear from YOU about joining our merry band. We have lots of fun things we need help doing and you can learn stuff in the process. We badly need a PRODUCER, a glorified go-fer who can follow up on all the odds and ends on the night of the show to keep the rest of us from going NUTZ. Shoot me an e mail at doug@dougthethug.com or just stop by any Wednesday night and check us out. But whatever you do DON'T click on dougthethug.com unless you got time to waste.

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December 29, 2010

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