12/8/2010 First Person Radio


“If you are here, the land invited you,” participants were told by the General Director of Ceremonies for the Ministry of Foreign Relations, Fernando Huanacuni during a meeting at the presidential palace in La Paz. He went on to talk about the process of change in Bolivia under Indigenous leadership.

Señor Huanacuni was speaking to a delegation of Indians and non-Indians from Minnesota as well as the Bolivian Foreign Relations Ministry group. The Minnesotans present were leaders, Minneapolis-based Phillips Indian Educators representatives, Joe Rice and Roxanne Gould. (Ms. Gould has also been Director of the American Indian Learning Resource Center at the University of Minnesota, now renamed the Circle of Indigenous Nations), Others were Elise Marubbio, Annika Gunderson, Jim Rock (Dakota), Ann O’Keefe (Dakota), Erika Linder (Aymara), Nakia Jenson, Harry Covertson, Gavin Eagan, Leslie Davidson, Magdeline Aagard and Deanna Standing Cloud-Green (Ojibwe).

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December 8, 2010

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