11/17/2010 Dart Gun Radio


on a night you feel like phoning it in - you draw:
13th Floor E., Vice squad, waxeater, Jesus Lizard, God Bullies, Davila 666, All, World Inferno friend Society, Black Angels, Suck, Dalek, Eerie Von, Sicbay, Obits, Tyvek, Kid Congo, Laurie Anderson, the Gories, the seeds and more........

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo of Flies - How does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Polysics - Rocket
Album: we ate the machine; Label: Asian Man
Tyvek - Outerlimits
Album: S/T; Label: In the Red
Davila 666 - La Que Hay
Album: Mala; Label: In the Red
Davila 666 - Me Va Muy Mal
Album: Pingorocha Y la Diva Rockers; Label: In the Red
(Bed Music) -- Davila 666 - casi Las 3
Album: Pingorocha Y la Diva Rockers; Label: In the Red
All - Dot
Album: Percolator; Label: Cruz
The World / Inferno Freindship Society - Me. V Angry Mob
Album: Me. V. Angry Mob; Label: Gern Blandsten Records
the Gories - Nitroglycerine
Album: I know your house be Rckin'; Label: Crypt
Vice Squad - Enter Sandmand
Album: V/A - Punk tribute to Metalilica; Label: cleopatra records
(Bed Music) - agent Orange - Seek and Destroy
Album: V/A - Punk tribute to Metalilica; Label: cleopatra records
Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds - Funky Fly
Album: Dracula Boots; Label: In the Red
the Black Angels - Science Killer
Album: Directions to see a ghoest; Label: Light in the Attic
Dalek - Bricks Crumble
Album: Abandoned Language; Label: Ipecac
Minutemen - Punch Line
Album: Introducing the Minutemen; Label: SST
Obits - Run
Album: I blame you; Label: Sub pop
13th Floor Elvators - You're going to miss me
Album: High Fidelity Soundtrack; Label: Hollywood records
the Von Blondies - I don't care anymore
Album: Love, Hate and then There's you; Label: Majordomo
Laurie Anderson - Let X=X
Album: Big Science; Label: Nonesuch
the Ramones - we want the airwaves
Album: mania; Label: lickit
Sicbay - Gamma Free
Album: Suspicious Icons; Label: 45-40 or Fight
Eerie Von - The First Hymn
Album: the Blood and the Body; Label: cleopatra records
Brillant Colors - English Cities
Album: Introducing; Label: teethinaneye
the Seeds - Pushing too Hard
Album: V/A Nuggest: a classic cOllection; Label: rhino
Suck - 21st Centry Schizod Man
Album: time to suck; Label: yourmamma
Vice Squad - Last Rockers
Album: V/A - Cherry Red Lipstick; Label: punkto thefuck
Guts Pie Earshot - Isolated
Album: 10 year comp; Label: skuld
waxeater - warmliness is a happy Gun (et tu Brit?)
Album: Sleeper; Label: latest flame
the Decks - Bad Taste
Album: Breath and Bone; Label: Self Released
Beast of Bourbon - Bad Revisited
Album: Low Life; Label: fist
Over Night Lows - Bad Times
Album: City of Rotten Eyes; Label: rearnded
the Cramps - All Women are Bad
Album: stay Sick; Label: rhino
Jesus Lizard - Test
Album: bang; Label: touch and go
God Bullies - Ordinary Man
Album: War on Everybody; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Glasvegas - S. A.D. Light
Album: S/t; Label: Columbia
the Scienitsts - Fate Deals it's moretal Blow
Album: sedition; Label: atp
Air Date: 
November 17, 2010

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