11/8/2010 Sonic Pleasure

Playlist Tracks: 
Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - The Wobbler
Album: The Fluid Soundbox; Label: Mai-Tai
*Teenage Fan Club - Into The City
Album: Shadows; Label: Merge
Wolfie - They Call Me Leaves
Album: Wolfie And The Coat And Hat; Label: Kindercore
Starling Electric - The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
Album: Clouded Staircase; Label: Bar None
*The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations
Album: Phosphene Dream; Label: Blue Horizon
The Voodoo Organist - Running
Album: Holy Ghost Town; Label: Dead Teenager
Stereolab - Caleidoscopic Gale
Album: Cobra Phases Group Play Voltage In The Milky Night; Label: Elektra
Moon Moon - There Can Only Be One
Album: VII Acts Of An Iron King; Label: La Societe Expeditionnaire
Secret Saucer - Mind Mechanics
Album: Tri-Angle Waves; Label: Salad Farm Studio
George Harrison - Out Of The Blue
Album: All Things Must Pass; Label: Capitol
The Stooges - 1970
Album: Funhouse; Label: Elektra/Rhino
The Stooges - Funhouse
Album: Funhouse; Label: Elektra/Rhino
Jimi Hendrix - Third Stone From The Sun
Album: The Jimi Hendrix Experience Box Set; Label: MCA
The Children Of Darkness - She's Mine
Album: She's Mine-Sugar Shack A Go Go; Label: Royce
The Novas - The Crusher
Album: The Crusher-Take 7; Label: Parrot
The One Way Streets - We All Love Peanut Butter
Album: We All Love Peanut Butter-Jack The Ripper; Label: Sunrise
The Alarm Clocks - Yeah!
Album: Yeah!-No Reason To Complain; Label: Awake
The Intruders - I've Got Something To Say
Album: I've Got Something To Say-The Trip; Label: Eastwood
The Intruders Five - I Ain't Comin' Back
Album: I Ain't Comin' Back-I Don't Know You; Label: Grog
The Swamp Rats - Psycho
Album: Psycho-Here There Everywhere; Label: St. Clair
The Jesters Of Newport - Stormy
Album: Stormy-Where Have I Been; Label: Solo
The Retreds - Black Mona Lisa
Album: Black Mona Lisa-Johnny B. Goode; Label: R T
The King Bees - I Want My Baby
Album: Keep Lovin'-I Want My Baby; Label: Pyramid
Three From Three - That's What I Say
Album: Sad Lovers-That's What I Say; Label: Champ
The Werps - Love's A Fire
Album: Love's A Fire-Shades Of Blue; Label: WGW
The Tombstones - I Want You
Album: Back From The Grave Volume 3; Label: Crypt
Calico Wall - Flight Reaction
Album: Flight Reaction-Beep; Label: Turtle
The Worlocks - I Love You
Album: I Love You-Stay By Her Side; Label: Big Rock
The Driving Stupid - The Reality Of Air Fried Borsk
Album: Horror Asparagus Stories; Label: Sundazed
Mike Condello - Soggy Cereal
Album: Pebbles Vol 3; Label: AIP
The Lea Riders Group - Dom Kellar Os Mods
Album: Pebbles Vol 3; Label: AIP
The Litter - I'm A Man
Album: Distortions; Label: Warwick
The Good Rats - The Truth Is Gone
Album: Hobo-The Truth Is Gone; Label: Kapp
Rooney - Walter Wright
Album: Walter Wright; Label: Columbia
The Who - My Generation
Album: Live At Leeds; Label: MCA
Air Date: 
November 8, 2010

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