6/15/2007 Radio Rumpus Room

Playlist Tracks: 
SAVVY SHOW STARTER: Zuzu's Petals - Jackals
Album: Jackals 7; Label: Community 3
Paul Westerberg - Take Me To The Hospital (live)
Album: CD-R; Label:
The M-80s - Myun's
Album: v/a You Only Get One Shot At The Big Time; Label: Wizzard In Vinyl
Manganzoides - Gina
Album: El Entierro de Los Manganzoides; Label: Rastrillo
Right Of Way - Bad Little Woman
Album: v/a Work It On Out! Northwest Killers 1965-66; Label: Norton
The Starfires - Linda
Album: v/a Mondo Frat Dance Bash A Go Go; Label: Arf Arf
Floyd Dakil - Dance Franny Dance
Album: v/a Texas Music, Vol. 3: Garage Bands and Psychedelia; Label: Rhino
Wreckless Eric - Semaphore Signals
Album: Big Smash!; Label: Stiff
The Castaways - Sam
Album: Liar Liar: The Best Of...; Label: Plum
The Detroit Cobras - The Hurt's All Gone
Album: Tied And True; Label: Bloodshot
The Íhirelles - Baby It's You
Album: Greatest Hits; Label: Special
The Booby Traps - Sha La La
Album: v/a Hellbound Honeys; Label: Off The Hip
The Ramones - Howlin' At The Moon (Sha-la-la)
Album: Too Tough To Die; Label: Warner Bros.
Ramonetures - Rockaway Beach
Album: self-titled; Label: Blood Red
The Surfin' Lungs - Surfin' Safari
Album: 7; Label: No Tomorrow
The Original Sins - Help Me Rhonda
Album: v/a Smiles, Vibes Harmony: A Tribute To Brian Wilson; Label: DeMilo
French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Surfin' USA
Album: Live, Love, Life Loaf LP; Label: Rhino
The Revells - Little Slot Coupe
Album: The GO Sound Of The Slots! reish; Label: Sundazed
The Surfites - Jack The Bear
Album: Big Pounder; Label: Double Crown
Dick Dale - The Scavenger
Album: Checkered Flag reish; Label: Sundazed
Barry Thomas Goldberg - Mapleton Memoir
Album: Mapleton Memoir; Label: www.myspace.com/barrythomasgoldberg
The Barracudas - Violent Times (demo)
Album: Drop Out With The Barracudas reish; Label: Bomp
The Red Rockers - Eve Of Destruction
Album: Schizophrenic Circus; Label: Columbia
First Crow To The Moon - Spend Your Life
Album: v/a Psychedelic Microdots, Vol. 3: My Rainbow Life; Label: Sundazed
Air Date: 
June 15, 2007