10/20/2010 Dart Gun Radio


One of those days, where nothing goes right, but I did get my dog back and her tumor is benign. The whole ordeal cost me $850.00, she's missing a tooth, and is sedated, I'm tired and emotionally drained. and this is what it sounds like!

thank you Tim Abel for pointing out this amazing blog Hyperbole and a half which makes my bad days better than most people's good ones


Thank you Greg for filling in for me the week before.
I'm exhausted now.
good night.

here's what you heard if you heard it - or you can look at it and decide if you want to hear it yourself or not

Playlist Tracks: 
Halo of Flies - How does it feel to feel
Album: Music for insect minds; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Kim Salmon - Bad Birth
Album: Hit me with the surreal Feel; Label: in the red
Kim Salmon - Belly Full of Slugs
Album: Hit me with the surreal Feel; Label: in the red
the Mevins and Leif Garrett - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Album: Crybaby; Label: Icapac
Nirvana (1/2 as Bed Music) - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Album: From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkey; Label: Geffin
Patti Smith - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Album: Twelve; Label: Columbia
Helmet - He Feels Bad
Album: Meantime; Label: Amphetamine Reptile
Monotonix - My Needs
Album: Where were you when it happened?; Label: Drag City
Bob Dylan - Like a Rolling Stone
Album: the best of the Original Mono Records; Label: Capitol
Michael Yonkers and the Blind Shake - Bad Times
Album: Cold Town - Soft Zodiac; Label: Learning Curve records
Puppies and Trains - Behild - a pale Puppy!
Album: ep; Label: Self Released
Hepa/Titus - Subway Vampire
Album: Big Jim Sessions; Label: Self Released
Paul Westerberg - I'm gonna let the Bad Times Roll
Album: Mono / Stereo; Label: Vagrant
the Melvins - A Histoy of Bad Men
Album: A senile Animal; Label: Icapac
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand
Album: Best of (Disk 1); Label: Anti
the Zounds - More Trouble
Album: the Curse of the Zounds; Label: Crass records
the Legends - Trouble Loves me
Album: Up Against the Legends; Label: Lakeshore
Little Murders - Trouble with Love
Album: stop plus singles 1978-1986; Label: off the Hip
Ko and the Knockouts - I really hate you
Album: Ko and the Knockouts; Label: Sympathy for the Industry
Nobunny - Never Been Kissed
Album: First Blood; Label: Goner
Grinderman - Evil
Album: Grinderman 2; Label: Mute / Anti
the Raveonettes - I want to be Adored
Album: V/A 50 years of Dr. Martens; Label: Dr. Marten's Boots
Noisettes - Ever fallen in love with someone
Album: V/A 50 years of Dr. Martens; Label: Dr. Marten's Boots
Agent Ribbons - I was born to sing sad songs
Album: Chateau Crone; Label: Antenna Farms
Fucked Up - Hidden World
Album: Hidden World; Label: Matador
Burning Brides - Overhead Metal Erection
Album: Buddyhead Presents: Gimme Skelter; Label: Network
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cities in Dust
Album: Songs beforethe Rapture; Label: Columbia
Lee Baby Simms - Minimalien
Album: Mysteryy loves company; Label: Family
the Wyld - Goin' places
Album: V/A Cheapo Crypt sampler #2!; Label: Crypt records
Stiff Little Fingers - Gotta Get Away
Album: Nobody's Hero; Label: Stiff
the scientists - when fate deals it's mortal blow
Album: Sedition; Label: ATP
Air Date: 
October 20, 2010

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