6/11/2007 Jet Set Planet


We also check in with Mavis rivers at One Minute to One, turn up the Jungle Heat on Hugo Montenegro and the boys from U.N.C.L.E., and dance that last Tango in Paris with cocktail pianist and part-time somnambulist, Roger Williams, as he sleep walks throught the better part of the early 1070s. It's about 10:45pm right here on the streets of the big city. Do you know where the criminal fringe -- otherwise known as your spouse -- is holed up right now? Tune in to find out...

Playlist Tracks: 
Pete Rugolo - Quiet Village
Album: New Sounds; Label: Harmony
Riz Ortolani - Rock Blottom
Album: The Bliss of Mrs Blossom; Label: RCA
Perez Prado - Manhattan
Album: Pops and Prado; Label: RCA
Four Freshmen - Walk on By
Album: Today is Tomorrow; Label: Liberty
Henry Mancini - Arabesque
Album: Arabesque; Label: RCA
Ennio Morricone - Without Pity
Album: A Fistful of Dollars; Label: UA
Hugo Montenegro - Jungle Heat
Album: More Man from UNCLE; Label: RCA
Clebanoff - Our Day Will Come
Album: Today's Best Hits; Label: Mercury
Roger Williams - Last Tango in Paris
Album: Last Tango in Paris; Label: MCA
Eddie Heywood - Spanish Harlem
Album: Manhattan Beat; Label: Liberty
Kyu Sakamoto - Boku No Hoshi
Album: Sukiyaki; Label: Capitol
James Last - Good Morning Starshine
Album: Hair; Label: Polydor
Yma Sumac - Flame Tree
Album: Miracles; Label: London
Don Costa - Hully Gully
Album: Let's Dance; Label: Philco
Harry Betts - Green Grotto
Album: The Fantastic Plastic Machine; Label: Epic
Neal Hefti - Six Flights Up
Album: Barefoot in the Park; Label: Dot
Jonah Jones - Soft Winds
Album: Jazz Bonus; Label: Capitol
The Blue Stars - Mambo Italiano
Album: Lullaby of Birdland; Label: Emarcy
Buddy Morrow - Hong Kong Blues
Album: Big Band Guitar; Label: RCA
Waitiki - Rendezvous in Okonkuluku
Album: Rendezvous in Okonkuluku; Label: www.waitiki.com
The Out Islanders - Sand in My Shoes
Album: Polynesian Fantasy; Label: Capitol
Robert Drasnin - Habanera in Blue
Album: Voodoo II; Label: Dionysus
Living Brass - Pata Pata
Album: Mexico Lindo; Label: RCA
Bert Kaempfert - Wheeling Free (There's a Hill Beyond the Hill Ahead)
Album: To the Good Life; Label: MCA
Mavis Rivers - One Minute to One
Album: Take a Number; Label: Capitol
Sid Ramin - Tram
Album: Stiletto; Label: CBS
The 3 Sounds - Caesar and Cleopatra
Album: Some Like it Modern; Label: Mercury
Charles Fox - Mysterioso
Album: Anatomy of Dancing Vol. 2: The Latin Mood; Label: MGM
Johnny Keating - The Donkey Serenade
Album: Percussive Moods; Label: Phase 4
Air Date: 
June 11, 2007